I've been seeing and fixing a lot of issues where people've been misunderstanding what both of these are. What can be called advantage, and what can't be called disadvantage? Below are the known common mistakes:

Taking some reference from this blog, the common mistakes below are now considered the standard editing norm across the wiki:

  1. "Decent clip size / fire rate / crit / etc." -- Decent isn't relatively enough to call it an advantage nor a disadvantage, make it specific. Exceptions exists of course, such as a weapon having low status chance but insanely high firerate (Psst, Soma), just use your common sense. :)
  2. "No polarities." -- This is a standard characteristic. It does not have any real positive or negative effect into it and thus should not be characterized as a disadvantage. Calling it a disadvantage would be like calling weapons with polarity not an advantage.
  3. "Can only hit one enemy." -- Another outdated disadvantage, all melees (as of Update 13) are capable of hitting multiple enemies, exception for few combos.

This blog will be updated as we spotted more common mistakes. Please understand that editing like this is not forbidden, rather should be avoided, feel free to break some of these points if it's a must! And do tell in this blog if we've missed other common mistakes!

Happy editing and enjoy the game! --T053

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