You may have noticed the new .0 on the every end of a stat. Things didn't go so well and some people and me ended up grueling about it.

I've decided to open a polling, here's some key point some of us has brought up:

"I've decided to put .0 because the game uses .0 as the format for pretty much a lot of stats. I thought that I should follow the game's format.

But if I were to put it in my perspective, .0 is a relatively important number, dating back to the old statistical formula, .0 allows people to extinguish if a number is exactly round or have little decimals.

Because obviously, 22.4 and 22.0 is different, but when rounded, it's 22.

Though I had to admit that this has little to do with Warframe's format." --Me

"well i mean for the X/s the x should be a whole number. it's an extra 0 that you don't need. i think there is only a few stats with decimals, besides crits of course, that have a number less then 1 in the calculations. true, in-game they do put the zero, but it's probably because they wanted to have a universal digit count since a couple weapons may get .5 or something damage." --Darthmuffin

"If I may chime in, I agree with Darthmufin and here is why:

When you write the damage numbers as x.0 it gives the reader the impression that damage numbers might be rounded to the nearest tenth when doing calculations and this is not the case. What I would do is represent the number of decimals that that particular stat is roundedd to in game calculations - this means it will be different depending on the stat.

All damage numbers should be integers. Crit chances and all multipliers (like crit multipliers, type or body multipliers) should have a tenths place, even if it is x.0. Attack rates and distances should have 100ths places, even if it is x.00

The above representation is more consistent with how things are calculated - thus, more likely to give people accurate information or conceptions of how the game works, which is what the wiki should be about. Right?

EDIT: And besides, the in game tool tips use this method too. None of the damage tool tips show decimals if I remember correctly." --Mad5cout

Would you keep the .0?

The poll was created at 00:35 on October 13, 2013, and so far 22 people voted.

Thank you for reading! --T053

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