Happy New Year! You didn't see it coming? We had to make create another holiday raffle because we've received more item gifts than we thought, so rather than pumping it all into the already diluted potatoes, you have a better chance of winning these items! Without further ado, these are the stuffs of goodness:


• Sprint Speed +25%
• Power Strength -5%
• Power Strength +15%
• Shield Max -5%
• Power Range +25%
• Shield Max -5%
• Power Duration +25%
• Health Max -5%
• Power Strength +15%
• Stamina Max -10%

• Crystalline
Crafted from your finest Rubedo, Tellurium and Argon Crystal!
• Argon Mist
Get them before they decay!
• Shiny Light
120 hand-warmed shiny Platinums! Can be anything you want!


Winners have been picked! For gift winners, please wait for a PM from either Twilight053, Voqualin, or -Areus-; then tell us the gifts you want--whatever you want as long as it's under 120p (e.g: 80p Booster and 2 potatoes for a total of 120p)! If you have won arcane helmets, congratulations, please wait for a PM from either Twilight053 or ZnIamPe, and then tell us your timezone so that we can organize to meet and trade your helmets. Gifts unclaimed until January 16 will be void, however due to timezone constraint arcane helmets can be claimed anytime.

120-Plats Gift

  • Moosewing
  • Black_Wasp
  • BadonkaCookie
  • Shioku
  • billthebetta
  • deathcloud9999
  • Azurie

Arcane Helmets

  • Vanguard Helmet - XxEpyonxX
  • Squall Helmet - Latchblade
  • Coil Helmet - Aryss
  • Aura Helmet - SeaFire
  • Storm Helmet - SpecterXC

Thank you for participating!