Merry Christmas from the Wikia community and other generous players, Tenno! Thank you for staying with us and supporting the wiki for all year long. For that, us Warframe Wikia staffs and other volunteer collaborated our platinums to give away the present you wanted, no strings attached:


Merry Potato
• Orokin Twig
Robbed from a poor Butcher!
• Prodman's Ribbon
None other than from the Prodman's medallion! Don't worry, this was his present.
• Vor's Potato
Homegrown in Orokin Void! Comes as potato popsicle and salty potato!
• Paper Prime
Hand-crafted with love by Naked Nick! He said hello, by the ways.


• Alloy Finishes
Exquisite alloy from Alad V's cloth! Don't worry, it's not Infested, we cleaned it.
• Mist Prime
Generously donated by Nova Prime! More imaginary blings for you!
• Shiny Light
75 hand-warmed shiny Platinums! Fireplace not included.


Thank you for all of the entries you have participated! The raffle will be closed now, and the post will be counted up to number #644 drawing from the number 642. Please wait patiently as we send the codes for platinum winners; as for potatoes, you will be PMed by either of these contributors: USouLz, -Areus-, Twilight053, Starfreak911, 6079Smith, Hilycker, TerTig, SnowLeon, MonsterWithin or Misdirected. Please state which potatoes do you wish to have and we will be more than happy to send the potatoes right away. Thank you again for participating, below are the winners!

75-Plats Code

  • eamonster
  • SniffYoBunnies
  • Narkotics21

Potato of Choice

  • Shaovah
  • Leliel79
  • Govorunb
  • heroes5
  • Googahgee
  • Razercase
  • MJIB
  • TickityTock
  • NudePony
  • Dalimir
  • Mudkiz
  • ZatmanXD
  • Adaptor-Face
  • JackDeVight
  • Mad_Kitten
  • Cynaris
  • NigNogTGAHB
  • GOTL
  • Farrain
  • Man_in_White
  • xgunzerker
  • MasterEspionage
  • Darkxrox
  • OrgaStlanzer
  • BeesKneesMan
  • TheErebus
  • Mokkania
  • ArturiaFayth
  • X3R0
  • PersonWithManyAliases
  • kingthomasx
  • kaiczar
  • xlraistlx
  • Darack117
  • Combustionsquirrel
  • Nesodos
  • madizx
  • Hyooga
  • Daekron
  • Deathric
  • StealthAngel
  • Kyrido