Hello, as you may have noticed, we've recently made the page called FAQ. As the content inside is lacking, what would be your suggestion for the content?

To-be-included suggestions:

  • I killed Captain Vor, what should I do next?
  • How/Where do I get a new Weapon?
  • How do I get a Kubrow?
  • How do I submit a bug?
  • What is the mod slot on the left in my warframe and melee weapon and why can't I put anything in it?
  • How do I trade?
  • Why are some mission nodes red and have a skull in them?
  • Why do I get (ERROR_INTERNET_ERROR) message even if my internet is fine?
  • Can I remove the Orokin Cata/Reactor once installed?
  • How to add friends?
  • How do I mark a location?
  • How do I mark a mod?
  • Is there any way to check the alerts without being in the game?
  • Why am I not doing any damage to bosses?
  • How can a player walk through a Laser Barrier? I had to roll through!