• USAcreeperparty182

    • ====Valkyr: Build====
    • ====Volt: Build====

    Two warframes to use in a squad of insanity. User discretion advised.

    Total of 4.89x* or 2.42x** and 2.47x** attack speed multipliers. Screw it if you die. You'll die from crashes more often than actual enemies

    • ====Prisma Grakata: Build====

    The fastest primary in-game (21.something something base). Totals out to be 60.67 shots per second. Had to modify the mags to make it somewhat ammo-conservative.

    • ====Wraith Twin Vipers: Build====

    Fastest secondary, 25 aps base, moddable (regrettably) to 80 aps. 1 SECOND MAG DRAIN MY FRIENDS. With mods, of course.

    • ====Tipedo: Build====

    Yes, expected, I know. The Tipedo. 1.33 base attack speed. Insane initially. WITH mods, 3 Berserker procs, and True Punishment with Quicken, …

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