Hello there, you beautiful little Tenno, you!

Well, it's been a while since I've done a blog post and it's been at least two days now that Update 16 rolled out and DE added in content that seems like a lot to some and seems like a little to others.

Before we delve into the Sanctuary I'd like to point out to those who were unaware that there's a promo code that you can enter at the platinum purchase section on the website.

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Update Numero Dieciseis

Well, even if there's little content to some, it's still a lot to go over, so I'll fill in on the additions added so far (with some opinions too!).


The long awaited dragon frame recently came out and has excited more people ever since his default helmet has been changed. His old default helmet has been turned into his alternate, for the three of you concerned (kidding).

How to obtain Chroma: You're going to need to do The New Strange questline in order to obtain him (or if you're feeling fancy, you can buy him for Platinum64375). In order to get The New Strange quest, you need to do the Stolen Dreams quest first and be at least Mastery Rank 5.

Now, before you dive into that quest, I'd recommend getting your hands on an Ember and Volt helmet, a Frost chassis, and Saryn's systems as these are all required to build Chroma.

And as for my opinion of Chroma, I like him, but I feel he's not that great at being a support than other frames.

First Ability: Spectral Scream
This ability is the most lackluster of his kit as it's more for the status chance than the damage, which I would be completely fine with if it wasn't for the small range, which is why it makes it so lackluster. At max rank this does 200 damage per second, has a 60% status chance, and a range of 10m. To those of you who don't know how little that is, it's shorter than Spectra's beam. During the time you're using this ability, Chroma's speed is drastically reduced and can't do anything else but roll. Again, the fact that he moves so slow during this and it has such a short range makes this ability not worth using in almost any situation. A buff is needed for this badly and suggestions toward the buff would be to either get rid of the movement speed decrease or increase the range of his breath to be at most doubled/Ignis length. And for a bonus, you could let him melee with his claws for the duration!

Second Ability: Elemental Ward
Now this is a pretty nice ability as is. I don't have much to say about it though other than that you can indirectly heal teammates by using Heat b Heat and running into range with an ally and increase their HP (the same effect probably works with shields if you use Electricity b Electricity). If Elemental Ward wears out or if your teammate heads out of range of the buff, they get to keep the HP buff you just gave them unless it's more than the maximum HP they usually have.

Third Ability: Vex Armor
As for this ability, it's most effective if you have a high amount of shields, armor, and health. It should put you just under over even Valkyr's armor with Steel Fiber if you take enough damage to shields, and I don't even think you need any power strength or Steel Fiber yourself for that. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Fourth Ability: Effigy
This is a very unique ability and is more recommended to be used on maps where you need to defend an objective, need to revive a teammate, or need to run away from a crowd of enemies. This is also the only toggleable energy draining ability where you can move freely and has an infinite duration.

The Law of Retribution

This is the new raid mission that came out where you have to assassinate Councilor Vay Hek.
Enemies are level 70-80 but that shouldn't be an issue for you little warriors since you can bring along seven of your friends and clannies to help you out! Honestly, you could easily do this with four people, and if you're a superstar, you can also try duoing it (you need at least four people to start the mission though and you'll have an extremely hard time trying to duo the third stage).

Now, to start this up, you'll need to pick up the key blueprint in the market for Credits64100,000. Each key is only Credits645,000 and a few Gallium, Rubedo, and Nano Spores, so not expensive to make at all. However, you have to wait six hours for each key to be built.

Remember, this raid mission heavily relies on coordination and crowd control. You do not need to focus on killing enemies at all for most of this raid. I'd recommend having one person be the leader and tell the squad what to do and what their roles are before starting the mission.

Recommended Warframes and builds to bring:
Rift Walk Limbo - If someone goes down, he's your best bet at picking them back up.
Radial Disarm Loki - Self explanatory.
Shield Polarize Mag - The third stage is a hijack but she's not really that needed, just a suggestion if someone just came to tag along and you don't really need another role.
Prism Mirage - Blind helps a whole lot and has a huge range; syncs with Radial Disarm a bunch because then enemies won't be able to do a thing. Radial Blind Excalibur can be an alternative.
Molecular Prime Nova - Helps to slow down the enemies immensely and a huge help against the Manics and bosses you'll be facing.
Max power strength and low duration Trinity - Trinity is an absolute must for this as the first stage is Toxin b Toxin City. You'll also want her as an energy battery unless you want to be using up energy restores left and right.
Bastille/Vortex Vauban - Like Mag, he's not really needed, but can be helpful to keep enemies still for Trinity and just not be running around everywhere.

Having multiple of each role is always an effective option too.

First Stage: For the first stage, you have to charge Tritium bombs with energy and bring them to Toxin Injectors to destroy them. Whoever's carrying the bomb cannot use abilities or sprint, all while having their energy being sapped from the bomb, so choose the least beneficial person on your team to carry it. However, before you can destroy the Toxin Injectors, you have to hack surrounding consoles to lower their shields (the orange aura around them). Once shields are lowered, you have an infinite amount of time to drop the bomb and let it detonate on it, so no sweat. Unfortunately, this mission seems bugged at some points and this is one of those points as trying to detonate a Toxin Injector with a bomb may have no effect at all depending on where you place the bomb. There are four Toxin Injectors and four consoles (I'm pretty sure) for each Toxin Injector. Once all Toxin Injectors are destroyed, the area will no longer try to dissolve your lungs from the inside out.

Second Stage: This part is really easy but before you do anything rash, group up with everyone. Now, this is a giant room with eight panels. There will be an active panel for every member in the squad and every panel has a number in the Grineer language by it. In the middle of the room, there will be a screen that will flash a number in Grineer after someone hacks a console. I recommend to have one person hack the consoles and waypoint which panel number matches the screen's number. Before you do any of this, I would suggest choosing a specific order of people who will go on which panel to avoid people stepping on and off the same panel. Once someone is on a panel, they cannot leave or jump off that panel until the puzzle's completed.

Third Stage: This stage will be tricky. This is simply a hijack mission but with the addition of panels that need to be stayed on in order for the hijack objective to move. Recommended to have one person babysit the hijack objective (Mag or Trinity) and everyone else searches for the panels to keep the objective moving. The Grustrag Three will show up in this stage to try and stop you as well at some point.

Fourth Stage: Sadly, I didn't get this far as the one-person-babysits-the-objective idea wasn't established until after we failed. I think you'd be smart enough to figure this part out anyway. Or you could head to the page itself here and read up on it.

New Conclave

Personally, I liked the old conclave more since it was a lot (a lot lot) more challenging. I think this new conclave is really easy compared to the old one as I've been frequenting tons of kills with little deaths. That's honestly all I have to say about this.

Cephalon Simaris

Basically the addition of an enemy library syndicate. If you didn't know, you can use the Synthesis Scanners as a replacement to Codex Scanners since they count towards your codex too. Also, I suggest to get the Sol-Battery Widget as that gives you an infinite amount of scans and you'll never have to buy scanners again (Yay!). You can also save up to get the Simulacrum Access Key, which lets you enter a secluded area that looks like a place a Mastery Rank test would be. Here, you can battle any enemy that you've fully scanned (excluding all bosses and assassins but Ambulas for whatever reason) at a level of your choice (max level depends on your Mastery Rank).


A downside to all this is that DE decided to nerf a few things in the game. Some of which weren't even stated.

Synoid Gammacor - The ammo consumption, but it has been given a larger magazine.
Kohm - Kohm has been turned hitscan (this is also bad as it's lost its bounce with the pellets) with damage fall off.
Stealth - Stealth experience gain has been nerfed (fixed rather) and some frame abilities (correct me if I'm wrong here) and weapons now draw attention of enemies.
Excalibur's Radial Javelin - Changed to an ability that only hits enemies aware of Excalibur's presence and vice versa.
Dark Sectors - Credit rewards seem to have been cut by half.
Tell me if I missed anything here.

All in all, I'm having fun with the update, how about yourself?

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