Warframes, weapons, builds, and sentinels. Which are your cup of tea?

Hello everyone, this is my first blog and I'd like to ask the community what their favorite preference in Warframe is.

This thread is merely for fun so I don't want to see anyone bashing or hating on someone elses loadout just because you think yours is superior compared to theirs. You don't have to go into super great detail of why you like your loadout but you can if you wish. For example, you may like Rhino colored in magenta simply because "He looks pretty in pink". Or you may like the Vectis because you can combine it with Nova's Anti-Matter Drop and do 40k damage with one bullet. It may even be the Acrid, the king of all guns before damage 2.0, because maybe you had fun with it in Update 10 and lower. Like that stuffed toy you took with you everywhere when you were little, that stuck with you whenever things were tough, when you tried to shoot at that level 481 Ancient Infested that ran up and ate your shots like it was his daily hot pocket, who then knocked you on your ass which lead you to getting eaten alive by 6 Chargers. Or those times when a troll joined your survival mission and activated all the life support modules early which lead you to only being able last 33 minutes on Apollodrus and made you want to wring his neck like a Canary, which is sad. Honestly, if they add a banana skin for the Acrid I would so use it more. Anyways, you can also post a picture to show everyone what mods you put on your Warframe/Weapon/Sentinel.

I'll go first:

Warframe: I like to use a lot of them, mostly Nova for killing enemies and slowing down high leveled enemies. Rhino for solo or tanking for my team. Loki because it's fun to be able to mess around and still be able to contribute to the team, even late game. Trinity because I'm able to keep the whole team alive with ease ( monitoring other people's health by pressing Z ). Nekros because I'm a grave robber and honestly they deserve to be squeezed for every last little piece of precious ammo, mods, energy, or health orbs they have. Also Vauban because he's the lazy man's frame.

Primary: It used to be the Ignis because I was able to kill large crowds of enemies very easily up until Lvl 50+ until DE nerfed it (Along with Synapse) I still use it if I'm going against Infested or low level enemies. Now it's the Soma because I like the sound of it when it fires and reloads. Also because with Shred I can shoot through a door and kill 5 enemies on the other side with one bullet. I'm now also able to kill those Lvl 50+ enemies to get my revenge on them for killing me and dragging my dead body over to the nearest toilet and dunking my head in it.

Secondary: I really like using the Despair because it's Stalker's weapon and there's nothing more satisfying than killing the Stalker with his/her/its own weapons, I guess that's why they're named that. Also, it's always been a really solid secondary. Also the Wraith Twin Vipers because of the insane fire rate and DPS ( Also for my vendetta against those bullet sponges for heavies *cough* Napalm *cough* *wheeze* *hiss* *passes out*).

Melee: Anything I can copter with or do decent damage. Dual Zoren or Galatine mostly. An exception would be the 3 scythes in the game because running around with a blunt Candy Cane that can split people in half is amazing.

Sentinel: Carrier because walking over to pick something up is too mainstream. Plus it's my minion of choice because it looks like a moving eggplant with a giant bruise. But I hate how it moves the Jet Sentinel Wings around. I mean, how are you supposed to fly if you flap your jet engines around?

Sentinel weapon: Sweeper because combined with Hell's Chamber gives no escape to Ospreys, that's what they get when they don't stay still when I try to scan them.

Color Scheme: ( I almost forgot about this one ) I use White, Black, and Gold.

Mods/Builds: I'm too lazy to list my builds ( Go figure ). Maybe I'll post screenshots of them later.

Remember, these don't have to be the absolute best weapons/warframes/builds in the whole game. Have fun because here you don't have to show off your crazy builds, you can show off your creativity or ways you have fun.

What's your kind of preference in Warframes and Weapons?

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