Update Numero Doce

Hello everyone. I'd like to talk about the new update, 12. 

New Warframe and weapons.

It's been a little under 24 hours since the update and the majority of us are waiting for the research of Zephyr and the new weapons to finish. To those of you that were eager or excited to try these out and went ahead and bought them with platinum please tell us what you think of them so far.

The new HUD display.

What are your thoughts on the new HUD? Personally I like it, it looks simple and neat both at once. Sentinel's health and shield were a must so now we know when to keep our sentinels out of combat to recharge their shields or brace for the inevitable. Whenever I play Trinity I monitor over everyone's health. Sometimes someone would chat and I would have to pull back the box to read what they typed. 1 out of 10 times someone would go down trying to chat and I can't even see their health because I'm busy reading, now everything's in a more convenient area and makes it easier. On top of that if your skill has a duration a countdown would start by the skill you used on the lower right so you don't have to guess or count yourself when it would end, that was a nice touch too. Also the new way Lotus and enemies contact you is some real eye candy. ( I'm really surprised they actually took the time to synch the lips to match the words. Also, has anyone seen how Stalker contacts you? I'm really curious to see that. )

Forest Tileset returns along with a few other things.

The Cicero Crisis' Forest Tileset returns to us with a new mission type, Interception. If you haven't played Interception yet it's basically a mission where you must try and control 4 points and keep them from the Grineer to stop them from recieving an important broadcast. You must defend 4 points ( or atleast 2 or 3 but having all 4 makes them cry because they know for certain they won't know if the Dual Broncos or the Spacehawks will win the Solar Bowl ) from the Grineer, A, B, C, and D. You and the Grineer start at 0% and you both want to get to 100% before the other, if you get to 100% before the Grineer you clear out the remaining enemies in the map and after that you either get to leave or battle. ( Pretty much restart but with harder enemies each time ).

Frost's supposed buff/nerf.

Speaking of which, DE made both Frost's 1st and 4th ability better while also "nerfing" his 3rd ability which we all know and ( used to ) love, Snowglobe. This made a lot of Frost and Frost Prime users a bit upset. Now his Snowglobe has health so it's pretty much a giant immovable Iron Skin for the whole team. Maybe the whole HP thing on Snowglobe would balance PvP, but for PvE high leveled enemies will chew through it like, well, a bullet through a snowglobe.

Other Frame buffs and updates.

DE also decided to buff Valkyr, giving her three times as much armor as Rhino and Frost at a solid 600 armor. They also amped up Hysteria to do your weapon's crit and damage. Saryn's Molt gives off radial damage upon being destroyed. See Starfreak911's blog on Saryn's Molt for a better description ( When you get there tell him he owes me a cupcake.) :   Nyx's Psychic Bolts have an improved sound aswell. Oberon recieved his new alternate helmet. Additionally, Volt, Vauban, Saryn, and Nova recieved their immortal skins.

Weapon buffs.

All bows recieved 1/3 of a damage buff. Critical chance and reload speed of bows were slightly tweaked. Charged arrows also have innate puncture depth and Dread's arrows fly faster. Embolist, Tigris, Hek, Vulkar, Latron, Latron Prime, and the Flux Rifle all have a damage increase and a few have more proc and crit chance.

Mod buffs and rebalances.

Physique, Steel Charge, Rejuvenation, and all Damage Resistant mods were buffed. Sprint Boost was rebalanced to give +10% sprint speed at max, which makes sense because being able to have the possibility of a Loki with maxed Rush, Maglev, Volt's speed boost, would give him an insane 600% speed boost and would probably make him move so fast he'd be able to move through walls and be at extraction before anyone's done getting out of the room they spawned in. The new auto-install mod feature seems a bit weird to me though. Tried it on my Soma and it replaced the placement of Split Chamber and Point Strike in a V polarity when it would save much more points keeping it the way I had it. Also, it seems to favor elemental builds, mostly Magnetic and Toxin for me.

New Dojo decorations and rooms.

Tenno Research Lab added to research Volt, Banshee, Zephyr, and possibly new frames in the near future. Elevators in the Dojo have a new look along with 8 more decorations to pretty up your Dojo.

New features for enemies.

Corpus are now vulnerable to headshots by damaging their helmets enough. I guess that's good news for Nova users and head hunters. Infested Ancients now make distinct sounds instead of being silent, giant, tentacle-mouthed lizards with the power of the almighty pimp hand. The Hyena also decided to bring his little brother and second cousin along with him to update 12. All I really remember about them is that they look like recolored Zanukas/Harvesters with elemental attacks. I'm pretty sure they're named after elements from the periodic table. So far I've scanned Hyena LN2 ( Liquid Nitrogen ) and NG ( Nitroglycerin ).

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