• Un1337ninj4

    Yep, That's right, the inevitable has occured. I cannot contain my MOTHAHDUCKIN' EXITEMENT! That said I wanted to share this most BURKIN' GLORIOUS bit of news.

    Potato T-Shirt confirmed. Yet my insta-buy is going towards that hoodie. (On a side note you may want to start charging your wallets now, we all know DE loves limited time deals!)

    (Didn't know if cursin' was permitted so I omitted for safety.)


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  • Un1337ninj4

     We've all seen it, join and observe a gent with a granduous level of hardware (Acrid, etc.) and a well decorated Shade. But after a while you realize he ain't chatin'. You're in a nightmare mission and some prick is getting the mods from click and leave. If this behaviour is as much a slap in the face as DE's lack of a blacklist/avoid this player in any future game option. I'm here to help remedy that aggitation with a little... mischeif, break out the evil lolz because there's more in the comment section as I ask you to get creative! But before this I have some nice suggestions for our unaware comarade in arms. 

    1. Check your team for Loki's his Switch teleport can take him to environmental hazards (flame, a horde of Napalms...a nice dist…

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