We've all seen it, join and observe a gent with a granduous level of hardware (Acrid, etc.) and a well decorated Shade. But after a while you realize he ain't chatin'. You're in a nightmare mission and some prick is getting the mods from click and leave. If this behaviour is as much a slap in the face as DE's lack of a blacklist/avoid this player in any future game option. I'm here to help remedy that aggitation with a little... mischeif, break out the evil lolz because there's more in the comment section as I ask you to get creative! But before this I have some nice suggestions for our unaware comarade in arms. 

1. Check your team for Loki's his Switch teleport can take him to environmental hazards (flame, a horde of Napalms...a nice distraction for a boss/a high level wave on Xini), use this method with caution. if he does have Shade equipped your options are limited

2. Sit there with 'im! Get your team to just sit there. get a sandwitch, go start your PS3/360, flip to youtube and watch Vocaloid videos, waste his time as he's wasting yours. This comes at a higher cost, but it will force him to eventually leave, or you just saved someone else from the pain of a three man party.

3. This is where I ask for assistance on how to furthur attempt watching them squirm, that said I've been AFK, but only if something actually happened! (One time a bookshelf fell on my dog, who shrugged it off but I had to check first. Came back, sat down, killed Ruk after catching up, get to extrac, wait ten secs to make sure no-ones trying to reconnect to the main menu due to slower interwebz, clean mess) Give them 5 minuets, then it's time for creativity!

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