Ancient Disruptors

You can read about Ancient Disruptors in their entry:

Since the entry lacked the specific abilities affected, this blog post will delve right into it. This blog post will not go into extensive detail on the energy drain attack aura or Magnetic procs it possess; you can read about them in its entry. Not all abilities are affected the same way. All those under its aura will recieve the same benefit (usually, unless stated otherwise). More Ancient Disruptors in the immediate area usually means stronger resistance to these abilities as well. All the following information was gathered through extensive testing with each frame in the Simulacrum by myself.

List of affected abilities (sorted by Warframe)



It will refuse to work (or it will work, but it will be "cured" instantly) if 2 or more Ancient Disruptors are next to one another (as well as those within their aura). A single Ancient Disruptor will reduce the duration of the stone effect.



Similar to Petrify. It will be less effective after 2 or 3 Ancient Disruptors, but the Ice proc is unaffected.

Snow Glove

Casting Snow Globe directly on them will freeze them as normal, but they will recover from that state faster than usual. They may occasionally shoot upwards rather than away. They seem to have a tendency to fall through the floors of the Simulacrum after freezing.



A single Ancient Disruptor is enough to make those around it immune to Undertow, but only after they have been submerged. Once they get out, they can simply walk over it for the rest of that instance. A new instance of Undertow will bring them down, but the same thing will happen again. One Ancient Disruptor would take several seconds while around 6 and more Ancient Disruptors will make this effect instantaneous. 



The Ancient Disruptors appear to be immune to this while those with their aura recover faster. The time left on your ability bar will not change to express this, however.


Molecular Prime

The more Ancient Disruptors, the faster they recover from it. One Ancient Disruptor reduces the primed time to a fraction of the total duration. Around 6 of them is enough to make those around them almost completely immune.


Mind Control

When cast on an Ancient Disruptor, the ability will only last for 25% of its total duration. Has no negative effect on others with the Ancient Disruptor's aura. Multiple Ancient Disruptors do not influence this reduction in duration any further.


Similar to Petrify. 3 Ancient Disruptors are enough to effectively turn this into a stun-only ability.


Rhino Stomp

They will still get launched into the air, but increased numbers of Ancient Disruptors will also completely get rid of the slow debuff. As with Nekros' Terrify, your ability bar will not express this change.


Well of Life

Same as Petrify. Severely reduced duration. Interestingly enough, Energy Vampire is unaffected.



This is very odd and can be inconsistant. With one Ancient Disruptor, it works normally, but with multiple Ancient Disruptors, it can make them completely immune, not immune, or glitched and stuck in a "jumping" animation, unable to decide whether they are stuck or moving.


Same as Bastille. Odd and inconsistant. They are either affected or immune, or both (pulled by it but not ragdolled).



1 or 2 Ancient Disruptors will still cause them to go flying upwards once they touch it, but they become immune to its effects once they land. 3 and more Ancient Disruptors will simply make them all immune to its forced ragdoll effects.


Any ability not listed above is an exception to their aura. As such, they can be blinded (Excalibur's Radial Blind, Mirage's Prism, etc.), pulled (Mag's Pull, Valkyr's Rip Line, etc.), stuck in place (Banshee's Soundquake, Frost's Avalanche, Nezha's Divine Spears, etc.), etc. Keep in mind that their aura also reduces the damage of powers, even if their aura does not affect its crowd control properties (if it has any). 

Also, at the time of this post, the entry for Valkyr's Hysteria states that she is still affected by Ancient Disruptors' energy drain attacks while active. This is no longer the case, as it is now a toggle ability. 

  • Valkyr being affected while in Hysteria has been reported by players. Somehow, it only affects those in missions and cannot be reproduced in the Simulacrum. This may be a glitch. Further testing is required. Will update soon.

Feel free to comment and/or contribute. Feedback is appreciated.

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