\o/ Its been a while! I hope youre having a nice summer?! Mine was very nice as well, until ten days ago when..-SAURON, THE DARKEST SHADOW, UNLEASHED HIS WRATH ON ME AND.. -broke my hard disk... ._. It hurt a lot.. I lost everything! ;_; Except my spirit! Which prevailed! u_u ... But i also lost my quick-impressions-note-file that I make during my gameplay, so that i can make at least some sense when i write here. So, pardon me if I end up all over the place.

We shall kick-off with the update content!! \o/ The new movement system rubbed me in all the right places, so now Im one exceptionally happy player. :3... 1st of all, the whole gameplay and moving around seems much more fluid ! And free !!! I shall have none of that :" :o... the hopping animation sucks, dude!.. Dudee~, am I an easter bunny now or what?! Its so LAME..." ... so what if its hopping? Thats a matter of personal taste! Besides, youre way too used to Naruto... xD Tennos cant activate chakra on their foot sole... even if they can produce fire and electricity and whatnot out of thin air and selectively heal any ally in an interstellar spaceship... Either way, yes, the movements are much smoother. I cant count the times I got stuck on a fence while trying to jump over it, id usually just latch on to it every single time, or have a blackscreen hiding a SPLAT!! in the background. xD... (nooby problem nr. 19) Theres none of that now, because of the double jump! And because of the ctrl-jump! They are just great. This game needed it. One-jump are ok for mmorpgs, but in a dynamic ninja-styled gameplay that warframe has, moving around is one of the main factors in this game! In my humble opinion at least.

When i thought -warframe- i always thought of awesome suits-like-classes (1), cool weapon types (2), solar system with missions (3) and dynamic gameplay with lots of moving around action (4) that altogether make you try out so many new things in a refreshing and productive way it just gives me gamegasms... \o/  Aah, and the right click glide~ oh and hop up the walls as much as you like!!! And than pres right click and enjoy the view!!!! ....*blush->squeal->faint* ..<3

And now theres no speed-discrimination based on the melee weapon you wear! All in all im very happy with the movement system, for example, I even found myself jumping up, gliding and attacking groups of enemies with melee from above, it knocks them all out, and I do it just for fun *tee-hee~* .. xD  Im still not the fastest one on the finish line tho... ._. But at least i have tenfold the fun on the way there, compared to before when i felt like a three legged domestic pig on a spaceship... ._. ... ok, that sounds like fun! xD but it wasnt really. I just staggered and it was quite tiring, just slide-E or jump-E your way to the finish. Id have to concentrate a lot to squeeze some fun out of it, and it took me a while too.. >.<.. but now you can use literally anything to jump off it. You can glide, slide, roll and combine all of it with double- and control- jumping! \o/ You just have to keep it in your mind as you play :3 You know, be prepared to make a move!

          Equinox landed on us as well! A brand new suit. However this time around I didnt farm it, but I got it as a surprise present from Hajin-sempai ! *_* ...I had a slight-heart attack when i opened the mail. I thought it was a death threat by some boss, as it usually is, but this time i mightve actually died out of sheer surprise ... xD But fear not! My house cat used a defibrillator on me and i was up and running again as you can see. So! \o/ Equinox is a very weird alien looking creature! o.o and, I LIKE IT! Ive heard it resembles the Sentients? o.o Which got me really intrigued since I still didnt do (or even get...) the new Quest that involves them ! Ill work on that soon. And about the warframe, well i thought I wouldnt go out of the Night form, since I though being the healing one itd suit me the most. Surprisingly tho, I ended up using the Day Form 90% of the time. Hmmm...

So the Day form is the offensive one, Nr.2 skill makes the enemy take much more damage, which is good on some eximuses or tough cookies, I didnt use it that often tho. Nr.3 makes a field around you and any ally in that field will deal extra damage with each skill they use! It enhances their power strength. And Nr.4 is the one that made me use Day form the most. It emits a lacerating aura (yes.. very fancy words *_* ! ) as they named it, that cuts and stuns anyone in wide range around you! It uses a lot of your energy tho. Id just jump around the map and latch onto a wall and observe from high above as enemies on the floor trickle blood and die in agony... than id hop away.. xD Very fun to use !!!

However, Ive seen many play Equinox by imitating Wooden Holy Virgin Mary Statue (with a Soma Prime instead of baby Jesus... xD) Theyd find an elevated pedestal thats able to satisfy their requirements for the same, and strike a pose and hold it as much as its needed while the plates under their feet emit holy rejuvenating energy that enables them to reduce their movement in search of energy orbs to minimum... unless theres a Trinity in their flock... xD  However! Not every Equinox can ascend to a deity! U_U... Only those with superior energy range and power may do so! Mere Mortal members of the ancient family, such as myself, will have to make do with running around and using Night form as well!

            Night form is the more beautiful part of the two, but i heard theyre both females.. o.o I guess the Day one is just a butch lass from Highlands while the Night one is a madame from the local boutique xD. So, Nr.2 in her case is able to put asleep a target and others in close vicinity to it. I like how they just slump down when theyre asleep, and they seem as if cobwebs hold them down o.o... or did i imagine that part?, anyway, its a fun skill ! But again, i wonder if its a waste of energy, because I think that one of the problems is that there are warframes with skills of mass destruction, like Mesa or Saryn and co., with them in group anything that doesnt either make them even stronger or turns you into a mass killer is rendered useless... ._. Nr.3 defines an area around you, in which you and your allies take less damage! Which is very generous. I used it a lot, and than we have Nr.4, it emits an aura around you that recognizes the damage dealt on enemies as they died, and lets you accumulate that same damage and turn it into health by pressing key-4 again you distribute it to you and your allies. Its a nice heal, but i didnt use it that much... Somehow, i feel that it uses too much energy.. ._. and well i dunno... it didnt felt quite right its not practical. I guess Id still pick Trinity over it anytime! And I guess i do need Rage mode badly, so i better farm it. Since Im whining about energy all the time. xD sick of myself...

To conclude, I think Equinox is very versatile suit! o.o Its great for soloing things too ! Its great that you can be a strong damage dealer as well as a nice healer.  Just I think It pains me the most that Night forms number four is weird... Itd be perfect if it would automatically turn damage in its aura into health! Without you needing to press 4 again or something. It doesnt have to turn 100% of damage into health... thad be ridiculously op.. xD but you know, 30-40-50% or even lower would be awesome!

Than I got myself a Mirage ! \o/  Well, she is fun to play with Ill admit! Even tho I was a bit skeptic about her, as I usually am with weapons of mass destruction... xD Im just not quite sure where did they want to go with her looks. octopus or cuttlefish, or some insect, or a cat (yes, i read that somewhere as well...), or a jester. Hmm... shes weird.. o_o. I just cant digest her completely so my -like- is vague and cloudy with her. But! She really is a trickster in all sorts of ways! Skills are following her theme. Number one makes her clone herself, or project herself in four other copies, that copy all her doing and attacking and even the damage up to some percentage! Its a well known skill of her, and becomes super effective if you have those mods that make your projectiles explode! That earned her a lot of fame. Number two i didnt really use much, its the thingy that makes all electrical gadgets around her into booby-traps, so the explode when enemies use them. :3... Number three is also a famous skill of hers, Eclipse! It boosts her damage greatly, and with augment it can boost your buddies damage as well! Which is awesome. And Number four is my personal favorite. She Shoots out a disco ball with laser beams coming out of her and doing tick damage on enemies, its really a sight to behold and by pressing 4 again itll explode! *__* ... yes... The best thing is that her skills dont deplete your energy levels! So yeah! Shes a fun warframe! A bit squishy but who cares when you sparkle like theres no tomorrow?! \o/

And now Ill talk a bit about weapons I tried out. Even tho I feel that the weapon aspect is sort of under a weak light in my perspective. There wasnt any that stood out.

But well, I tried the new main Harpak and pistol Kulstar. I wasnt swept off my feet... ._. Harpak reminded me of Boltor a bit. It said it fires harpoons, but it seemed to me those were needles. Hmm... Im not sure, I dont especially like how it looks, nor do i hate it. Same with the fire style and all. Its all just flat for me. Maybe one day Ill work on it. Kulstar was abit more interesting ! o.o I think it might be really fun to use if you potato it an all ! I dont really like the explosions as a main weapon, it can get a bit overwhelming.. xD But as a secondary its nice o.o! Just... try not to blow yourself up... xD It looks like its modeled out of fresh clay tho. Which i (again) neither like nor dislike. I didnt try the new sword+ shield. Its looks are not my style. :S I mean theyre ok, but meeeh... One day tho! Once I finish doing things i really like.


Than I made the Vectis ! I couldnt farm the brand new Prime one, so once I realized theres normal one in the market, i decided to try it out! And I liked it quite a lot ! o.o I think it will do wonders if potatoed and formed! I like how it acts like a bow, but it isnt one! \o/ its a Sniper!.. xD yeah.. i had a revelation there. Id still like it to deal more damage >.< But i guess thats something you achieve with upgrading the wep. Same with bows, I dunno. With bows I like how its "personal" you know, the arrow pierces flesh and you see it and you see the arrow as well and its curved projection path, and its really physical! (....~Lets get physical, physical! I wanna get physical!~\o/... xD) ... ugh, now i have to play that song. >.<... *plays it on yt* ... OK! so with snipers on the other hand, its not that -physical- its just an imaginary shock/bullet that hits the target ._.  ... But I appreciate the straight line the bullet makes and delicious range. So Im definitely getting Vectis prime and potatoing it! \o/

I tried the shield+sword Silva & Aegis. And well, its fun! I like its looks :3 Its unique. But well, thats it, it doesnt have exceptionally good damage and i didnt press right click often enough to notice the shields benefits. ._. ... I tried Kestrel too, the sci-fi boomerang! \o/ I like its looks :3 and well, Im not sure if i prefer Glaive or it. I made Kestrel cuz I saw that Suda has an augment for it. So I though i might test it out and potato it, its a very nice sleak weapon so I think itd be a nice addition to the artillery u_u... Cuz its cool.

            Dual Ichor also came to my hands. I was motivated to make it once i bought the Dual Cleavers from Baro KiTeer and liked them. So i thought to myself, why not try the infested version of the Grineer design!? \o/ and well, I liked it, I wasnt as amazed as i thought Id be, but its a solid weapon, that needed a potato to boost those crits and bring it to amazing level. Which is the case with anything really.. go potato, or go slow. xD I also tried the Anku scythe a finest work of Tenno craftsmanship as they called it :D And well, its nice looking, tennoish, and i like it but it wasnt really love or anything ._.

Thats it for the weapons, I mostly just used formas on my existing ones. Ah but I dropped Continuity! Twice in short time! A week or so. Which made my week, and than i realized, most of my builds work fine without it.. xD I also Visited the Void Trader! And Got some cool stuff from him, the Yamako and Hecate Syandanas, Liset Prisma skin, Prisma Tetra, and my 1st Primed Mod, Primed Point Blank ! \o/
Obviously I was most happy with syandanas! xD Finally! And Hecate one is my favorite! I dont really like when Attachments ruin or cover up the original Warframe design. I like it when it seems the suit was born that way! \o/ *starts singing Gaga...* Thats why i wasnt really lovestruck when i saw the brand new Cloth-styled Syandanas. Also, i found the cloth a bit too silky. o.o And overall they didnt sparkle in my eyes. Except for the Grineer one. That one has its own style, and it follows it nicely. The smallest one is also nice. I forgot its name, the one that looks like the flower on your back and has a long strip of silk out of it. The Capes arent really my thing ._. I cant put my finger on it when it comes why i dont like them. I guess its cuz they cover too much of my warframe. If there was a cape themed warframe, with cloaks and that stuff on the roll, id dig it, but not like this, as accessories.
As for Prisma Liset skin i colored it completely white xD... dont know why. Its super shiny now \o/

      Tetra Prisma was a bit nostalgic to me, since the 1st riffle i ever used, after MK1 Paris, was the Tetra :3. Which I liked ! It had this cool pulsating sound, and it felt like its firing bullets of some super thick fluid! xD... OH! O_O theres a nice idea! To make a weapon that would fire some thick fluid, like magma or hot oil or something, thad be cool :3!


I also spent some decent time with Archwing ! Hajin-san also surprised me with exp booster, so that really helped a LOT. I played then as much as i could, besides using forma and trying new things I decided to spend some more time with Archwing since i really like the idea about it ,and to get done with the Odonata -_-... And I did, and I made Itzal ! Itzal is so cool, much more useful than Odonata. Its super fast! I love the teleport! And I love the... the... what was it... ~x[ ... ah the cloaking Nr.2 skill. Thats handy when you ress or if you have some nice ranged weapon. You can use the cloak and pew pew pew at them. Ah and theres the Nr.3! The mini-black-hole! I love that one, its like Vaubans skill. It deals nice damage, and also brings loot to you and doesnt use too much energy. Number 4 is that one that launches drones... I never really noticed much of the help from drones, so i kept using the number three... it probably gets better on lvl 30. Since I didnt top it yet. I will tho! I also tried the Centaur, i like it :3 Its fast and strong, and refreshing. Finally some new moves. Somehow the Archwing leveling is dragged out, never ending, hmmm, maybe thats just my feeling. But Id definitely like to see some more open space missions o.o ! Maybe Void  even! \o/

Now Im trying to farm some Primes, like the Carrier P, and Vectis P, Soma P stock too, and some other weapons that are collecting dust for ages and missing 1-2 parts. I also have one Warframe slot open. And Im thinking about which one to get. >.< ... Maybe Loki prime. Ill think about it. Im not in hurry tho. Lots of place to improve on the ones I have now. Id like to potato Oberon. I keep finding myself picking him often when i need to see things getting done. Since he has nice balance with support and dps. And skills that dont cost a fortune. Still, i need to find a Rage mod... >.<... ah well...
And heres my Last Summer Sketch! \o/ Nyx Prime-ohimesama. u_u ... In Autumn, i think Ill stop with the realistic drawings of frames, and do something new on them. o.o After all, if you want to see them in natural environment you can always turn the game on and take a look, so sketches like that arent that fun, am I right? hmm... well, here she is!

Thank you for your time, and see ya next time! o/

Nyx By Unnar

Nyx Prime Fan-Art by Unnar

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