I decided to write another blog! \o/ ... took me a while. Well, not that youd miss anything important anyway... xD STILL! I felt that if I waited any longer I wouldnt know where to start from. So yeah, Ill pause a bit with studying and take some time for the blog. :3

           I shall start with NovaPrime-chan! (Ill keep it short where Im not really interested in the subject much, but since I think of this as a blog, I shall mention all items on the list u_u )  So I tried the Nova :3 Got her up to lvl 30, and the 1st thing I noticed about her, compared to my previous frames, was her move-ability. Shes so nimble! That little frame! Who wouldve told... Well, you could I suppose. Either way I was satisfied with her, her skills are nice, nr1 proved as some offensive-shield.. I dont make much sense xD. Nr. 2 was the bomb, i liked it too, number three was kind of shaky for me. I always either managed to port myself only few steps to the front... or a kilometer away into the unknown, and fall off the map... xD I dont know what to say, it definitely requiers practice, and I have a feeling its kind of useless on long hallways with lots of gates since i could only port to the next gate... it used a lot of energy too... thats just my personal feeling.

And than we have the Nr.4 Skill. Which i liked everything about :3 Very satisfactory. It slows enemies down, makes you hit harder, when you kill a mob it explodes and detonates or damages the rest as well. Its really well designed! \o/     But when I look at her as a whole, and add me to her, I dont see our relationship growing... ;_; And yes-yes, I know I didnt take much time to get her the nice mods, or to follow a guide, but for now, i dont really want to give her time if i dont like her concept completely. U_U Its a subjective matter. I dont think we were made for each other. Sorry Nova... Sayonara~ (Till destiny crosses out paths again !)

Than we have Nekros-kun. :3  Well, I must admit, the birdhouse helmet made a couple of confused question marks appear above my head, therefore I ended up liking him! Well, I did at least a bit. :D Skinny legs and arms, big torso, weird feet, funny little "package... xD... and a birdhouse! I didnt play much with the birdy-head, since i had Raknis helmet, which made him look a bit more like "nekros" in my eyes. And well, I liked him a lot actually o.o I was using all of his skills! Desecrate is always needed. I farmed a lot with him. They always want a nekros in stuff. As a support. And I dont understand why they prefer him over Trinity for example? :0... Are the drops he gives really that significant? Dunno... It seemed kind of fishy to me. Which is probably wrong but still.. xD (Trinity <3) 

I really like his skill effects, especially since I gave them White color. The white mist and dust! *_* White is after all a color of death in some countries in Asia or Indonesia u_u... The only skill i didnt really use that much was number two. I only popped it a couple of times when the team got overcrowded in Void camp, so that the monsters stopped attacking for a bit... (I think I died anyway.. xD) But yeah, I also felt it uses a lot of energy >.<... which id rather spend on desecrate. And also i didnt quite manage to understand how does the desecrate really work, like the range, I always got the stop-sound when we camp and i want to do desecrate but i cant... i think it was Mesas fault, she killed mobs far away, so i needed to run in circles around the room and desecrate... but oh well. Ah, and all the joy when I summon the big strong mobs with nr4. :3 The ones that give the shield bubbles, or the eximuses, or bombardiers :3... Tis nice. Im definitely gonna revisit Nekros often!

Than I got Mesa! :D ... yyus. But lord... those systems. People were swearing at rng a lot. xD I on the other hand, got them on my 5th try or so. Or was it 7th?... either way, it didnt seem tragic to me. I got her in a couple of days i think. I really wanted to see why the heck is she so popular! And well, I discovered the number 4 aaaaand.. yeah. It does the job, Ill admit that, especially with streamline, flow and intensify... but to be honest, she is boring. A lot... xD For me at least. I found for example, the number two and three , the shooting gallery and armor skills, very interesting o.o... unless youre against infested.. xD Number one was ok too, you accumulate energy and blast it all in your next shot. Which is great if you dont shoot the air like i do... I even read some guides for her here in the blog section, but I decided not to invest my time or anything into her for now. Overall I dont think we clicked. I was never a fan of guns, gunslingers, pistols and co. It isnt so appealing to me... Said he who plays a shooter game.... xD ... You know what i mean! Anyway, I liked Nova more than her. So, shes gonna wait on the shelf for a while.

              And we come to Nyx Prime... :3.... Yes, thats a sassy duckface gleaming with satisfaction. I love Nyx! Not only does she look LIKE AN ALIEN QUEEN!!! (DEAR LORD!!! THAT HELMET!!!! THOSE EYES!!! THE SLEEK BODY!!! Sigourney Weaver (xD) !!!!  *gets a seizure* *ghurgle ghurgle ghurgle* *siren sounds*), BUT she also has so cool skills! I like them all! Like- ALL! Nr.1 turns ANYONE you like into an ally! And when i see a yellow bubble, an orangy-glow, white bubble, broad shoulders and no neck (...), GUUURL, IMMA TELEPORT MA BUTT RAJT DER, EN GIT DAT NPC!!! Its like "Gotta cach em all!" \o/, and I have my eyes on the +500% damage augment, which im getting so hard and potatoing her so that it fits alongside the Chaos augment I got. And Chaos... mmm-MH! Not only does the hotness level of the room goes up threefold with each copy of nyx, you can just stand on the side and snipe the npcs as if theyre clay pots... it doesnt do much if youre alone in the room with one monster tho ._.   You better turn him into a buddy or something else.

Than there are the psychic bolts, or arrows or what theyre called. Honestly, I havent used those much. I did a couple of times, but it felt to me, they use too much energy. Their lock-on/ homing mode is super tasty tho. :3 And we have number four... :3 ah... what can i say... * gazes through the window into the far away mountain top and sighs blissfully*... its so beautiful, it also makes you invulnerable to any sort of damage, it uses so little energy to maintain, and it packs a punch. Well... about the last one... it seems to me that the impact area of the psychic blast is somewhat small... ._. I think ill need to use range mod. But either way, i love the skill. \o/ I love her completely! I think she will keep the place in my heart right behind the Trinity-Sama for a long time. <3

         Limbo is also one of the frames I got! The excavations were really painful... Still, i got all the parts in about a week. So Im happy :) And oh my, i think it was worth it. 1st of all, I really like his style. The Dimension walking is cool no matter how you look at it! Even the fact that he blew himself up into pieces is interesting. xD  I also like his looks a lot! He is like a cyber gentleman, with hat and all. He misses a cane for finishing touch tho. :)... Either way, when it comes to playing with him, I must admit I didnt really have any clue how things about him worked. But, I was really eager to find out more so I sought out an advice from Wiki-sama, and as always I got my answers.

All of his skills have to do something with two different dimensions, the rift plane, and the real-life plane, and you have to pay attention in which one are you in, and in which one is your target. Dont do it like i did, I put the monster in dimension, and pop number 3 to boost my attacks and expect it to work... well it doesnt! xD You need to press number two as well! Or summon a cataclysm. So yeah, it was a bit tricky for me. Another thing that happened was that I often failed to react when Im rift walking with number two, and shooting stuff in my cataclysm, and I didnt notice a couple of eximuses and bombardiers walked into it... so yeah... Soon I was flying in pieces all over the place once again.. xD

But he is really fun to play. I still dont get many kills with him. Especially in fast missions. But the rift walking is really great when youre rushing to boss. YOu just activate nr.2, and run to the spawn spot as if the way is clear as a summer meadow, WHILE your energy is being replenished! How cool is that!? I like it at least. And theres really a lot to play around with when it comes to Limbo and his skills. And I like the possibilities. I also have my eyes on the augment that heals the ones who are sent to rifts! Im getting that one i think. And to think I declared a while ago I didnt like Limbo because they bugged me and i cant exit the rift... I think the guy was trolling me with number one all the time. xD OR saving me from damage u_u... Either way, Limbo climbs up to my top-five list! I think I like him more than Oberon, he might as well stand behind Nyx :3

      Ember Prime is the next one I got. I havent really level her much, only to about 15 or so, and I cant really tell much about her yet but she seems promising. o.o All that damage she is capable of dealing is really something. All of her skills are buring the enemies. number two stuns them as well. However I didnt fit many mods in her yet, so I burn my energy quickly. Her looks are nice too, but i dont like her feet... with claws... ._.

I also made Mag Prime! I did not do a single mission with her yet. I dont really have time now, as i said, but itll be soon, hopefully! But what I can tell for now, is that she looks like a kid of Wall.e and Eve... xD (the robot couple from an animation movie >Wall.e<)

I think thats it for the frames, and I tried out many new weapons. Like the Glaive! The throwing melee. I REALLY liked it, the way it looks, the way it disappears under your wrist when inactive, the way it functions, all is very interesting, except the time when you wait for it to come back... xD... and it doesnt pack too much damage compared to some other weapons, BUT I asked Neaki-sempai, and Raenin-sempai and they they told me to better get the Prime version and potato it and mod it. So Ill do that!

Than I went to Orca Really on Pluto and got the Limited Prisma Grakata! o_o ... DDDRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! xD Dear lord, whats the magazine size? 120? And 1000 ammo? Yeah... UNMODDED! I liked its useability a lot o.o... However its kinda sucky on long range, the bullets are not really precise far away from you, so its mid range i think. And it also definitely deserves a catalyst and a couple of formas to shine brighter. I was, however, heavy on my LMButtock... *BUTTON! And i burned through 1000 bullets in no time... its just that, its so fun to use.. xD I think its one of the few bullety-riffles i enjoyed. It doesnt look nice to my taste tho.. ._. Yes, they did something better with the glow and skin, but its still a bit too much "grineery" for my taste.

Oh, i got the Dread! I was Stalked and yeah... :3 I like it. Its really good, but I still have to say I prefer Paris Prime. Another thing I discovered about bows is that attachments colors, are the ones of the arrows.... so yeah... xD Dora-The-Explorer helped me uncover it. Wouldnt manage without her. But I really would LOVE to be able to color the golden Metals on Older Prime equipment ! ;_;.. one day.

Im also trying out Attica, the xbow, but the reload time is killing me... literally.. xD... the magazine is 16, the arrows deal a punch, but the reload is almost 3 secs. I just want to get over it. Besides, Legolas didnt use Xbow, so Im not so heated up for it... u_u..

Torid also went through my hands. Its an interesting weapon o.o It makes big gas clouds around the place where the bullet, or the seed, lands. Also, if you realize that the cloud damage is not the main one, and you actually aim at the target, youll see it usually one hits it AND makes the same cloud to damage the ones around it! For long time i just shot with my eyes closed somewhere into the crowd... xD Now that i think back, i reminded myself on a specific girl from school that liked the feel of the wind in her hair, so while running on PE, she would close her eyes and shake her head horizontally while running... and she didnt trip... thats one of the differences between us... xD that and I held a lethal gun while doing all she did. So responsible. ANYWAY, I will tweak around Torid again :) Maybe even put a catalyst or something. Ill see :3.

And Well, Another thing Im proud of are my moving skills I improved a bit :3... I finally learned the sprint-slide-jump-attack, and jump-attack. With a bit of aiming you can be quite fast after all... xD I still feel like I have a brain of a frog and fail to direct myself to the platform i want to reach. But its getting slowly better and Im happy about it! \o/  I also got master rank ten... talk about misleading. xD But well, Ill try my best to live up to it. I also barely passed the spy test. I was spotted two times, and already gave up, but somehow I managed to get through it ! The platform test was not that hard :3 Eight seconds is a lot of time to aim and shoot a couple of static mobs.

Over the next period, Ill try out some more new things, like the ZEPHYR! Im looking forward to that one a lot! Especially after Raenin-sempai recommended her.  I also might make Vauban, I have all the pieces for him as well. I just dont have any slots... I have a couple of Prime Sets I could sell. I tried to, but no one is interested, i mean, 20p for a weapon set is a nice price if you ask me... Ill have to spam more >.<... And well, 1st week of July Ill have a bit more time, so Ill try to prepare the "Summer-special" for that or for the week after :3

So, thank you for reading, and see you! o/

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