So 1st Blog post. Ive decided I could just write about my random warframe experience... So.... maybe someone will find something usefull in it... Probably not. But Just in case he/she does:

So I started playing the game 2-3 weeks ago. I Picked it , as usual, because of the graphics... AND because its PVE based. Ill just pretende theres no c-C-...C-!....c-... *forgot the name* .... CONCLAVE!!! YUS! I had to google it tho...

Its the first time i played a shooter game. It is kinda shooterish, even tho its not 1st person.. or is it... in any case, Its most addicting o__o...

Besides the base concept that i like, other things caught my eye in a pleasant way: I like the weapon and "armor" system. The skill system is nice too. The two are altogether simple enough to understand and offer you a lot of variations and possibilities so finding your favorites will be fun time. I also like that your overal Level, the Mastery is separated from your equipment. But theyre also intertwined nicely together. It was 1st time for me to see such system. After I understood it, i also realised its superior to the usual system, one character-one thing to level up, because you can always work on something, maxing a lvl of some item, instead of just grinding for ages looking how your one xp bar moves unvisibly to your eyes.... In warframe lots of numbers and bars can change and move, so its nice!

Also, I like the crafting system a lot! Because it is VERY simple to understand how it works, getting the materials is very easy and frankly blueprints are also managable!

In other games tho, 1st you have to spend a fortune on materials to make materials which youll use to craft higher grade materials from which you can make an equipment segment, so just get twenty of those, and youll have your VERY OWN NOBLE IMMORTAL ENFLAMED hammer.... with which you can start making your actual armor.... -_-

<3 Warframe. You can EASILY get all the materials. They dont cost a fortune, and the one to three days craft time does not bug me one bit. Quite the opposite, i feel like im actually crafting something that takes time, that is refined, realistic and carefuly programmed (designed). It just adds to the satisfaction in my oppinion. Even if it ends up not being my kind of style, Id still level it up. And dont complain about RNG and some items drop rate! If you could get everything in one day, than whats the pleasure of gaming? Of anticipating!? ANd the joy when it finally drops and you grow a pair of wings on your humpbacked shoulders just like that !?! I like ALL those things. Besides, farming for a part for three weeks or four is not an alien thing to me. I did it before on other games, and I enjoyed the feelings when i finally dropped it! And Im looking forward to that on warframe.  It gives you just one more reason to play, in my oppinion. Unless it turns out you need to play for months or half a year to get something... i dont think id be up for that...

This is becoming sort of a review....

Anyway, what else!? Ah right, the platinum... I was kinda sceptic about it, but it turns out you really can get 99% of things withouth spending real money. I like that, but frankly, I think i wouldnt really mind spending real cash on warframe as it is. Because I really like the relationship and respect between the DEs and player community. (hope im not wrong...) so I would really like to support those kinds of people! :0 And i will, at least once, just... not now... wait for summer since my budget is low during the semester... xD

It was a bit sucky that you had so few slots for warframes and weapons : / But oh well, I was already a happy gamer so I didnt want to bitch. And i wont.

One thing i didnt really didnt really please me was the players search function. One week in the game, while i was working my way around Jupiter and Saturn and Sedna, it was pretty hard to find groups... through the auto-recruitment function... So i tried soloing and i failed a lot... A LOT... :|... But thankfuly failure is not a stranger to me! Failing everyday, in game and in life! \o/ ....hahahahaha!...haha..ha... haaaa~   :.|

I was kinda clueless and uncoordinated and panicking during the missions when attacked... It took me a while to get used to the pace. And Im the type who sneaks annonymously through the crowd while being vaulnerable. Hiding my shame. Its like when a beetle sheds its old exoskeletton it grew out of, and hides his soft new skin. xD I cant just ask on a chat for strangers to help me specifically! :0 ... Id rather be the nameless snail on the back of the group dieing out of unknown reason here and there... xD


I manage to scratch the enemy a bit before he nails me into the ground.... wait... 'nails me'.... xD ahahahaha*akhem* u_u  But im practicing! Enjoying my trinity after I discovered it suits me more than Oberon, hes just perfect from head to waist... i dont like his legs and heels... and the nr2 skill is uniteresting, while trinity flies with all four of hers!

So Im supporting people from all the nations in Void! \o/ Discovering Primes! Paris prime, here i come! <3 tonight will be the gala night when Ordis will bless me with my 1st Prime. Im also swimming in cash from Void. Its magnificently easy to earn there. And now Im not so afraid of apllying for a group from recruit chat, or Hosting my own void runs. And people like my supports. We get 40 mins everywhere! I heal a lot. 150+ ability usages on me.. xD I like healing others :3... It makes my kokoro warm and fuzzy.

Today I also finaly felt ready to apply for a Clan :0! Id like to trade some prime parts for some plat to get some warframe slots and wep slots.


Thats actually the one thing i like the least in warframe... And that being just the color palette, tells you how good the game is. BUT SERIOUSLY! FIRST AND FOREMOST WE ALL JUST WANNA LOOK PERTTY! xD

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