It's time for my fourth blog! \o/ Today I shall talk about various things! About my new Frames and Weapons, about my ever-present whining and about my latest fails! \o/ ... xD

I shall start from the most satisfying thing of them all - COSMETICS! xD Over the past week there were surprisingly a lot of alerts with helmets for the warframes I actually owned! So now I have both Trinity helmets, and to my surprise, I love the toaster head! xD She even has that styled halo. Shes just such a sweetheart ! I bet that once I log out, Trinity folds her suit neatly in the artillery and goes home to her kids, goes shopping with them, makes a dinner, vacuum cleans the house while the kids play or watch tv, and than tucks them in the bed. \o/

Over and over again, I keep coming back to Trinity. Now I tried a couple of new warframes but I must say that I still love her the best. I think thats partially because Im still unskilled and am prone to dying... xD And she just forgives all my mistakes. Its very nice of her. But at this rate I might just stay undeveloped player, so yeah, I equip other suits lately for the sake of that. Once I try everyone out, Ill pick a few favorites :3 And boost them up and all.

So, besides Trinity and Frost (I used a potato on him :3), theres the old Oberon with two Y polarizations, one of those I filled with Intensify, the other one is standing empty ._. I have no other useful Y mods. I think Ill need to consult a wiki, and other people too, but im not so sure ill play Oby for now. Oh, I also failed a bit with him... xD... so I was building the pretty Oryx helmet, and while I was collecting other five finished things from foundry I clicked on the helmet too, and confirmed (...), and accidentally boosted the remaining 01:40min of its build for 25p was it?... yeah... my jaw dropped instantly, followed by several batches of hitting my forehead with the palm of my hand. I think I was subconsciously trying to beat the stupidity out of my brain. It felt infested by it. I dont think it worked... xD

Than I got the Rhino Prime! \o/ It was surprisingly easy to get! I got all of his parts while aiming for something other xD... so, he seems like a bonus-frame to me. Hes a butch guy. He seems like hes driving a truck while Im offline, transporting huge logs in the Syberia to fuel the thermoelectric plants. xD... I was happy with him tho. He has interesting skills. I used the rhino charge and stomp and iron skin the most. Iron skin is great! Its something like Trinitys Link. But manlier! Butch. lol.. And stomp is excellent too. It has instant zero gravity. If you are surrounded by mobs, and there arent many energy lechers among them, and you have energy to begin with, the stomp does a pretty quick job. I didnt use Roar much : / Id rather save energy for stomp or iron skin than use it for a buff... so, even tho I liked most of his skills, I dont think I clicked with him. Hes a good and interesting frame but just not my style ;_; Sorry Mr. Rhino.

And than I built Hydroid!!! Dear lord, he was a pain to farm. That boss is just... UGH! I went for him mostly because I love the water element types. I didnt quite like his looks tho... But still! I think I grew to like him. I died a lot until level 20 xD... A LOT. Than it sort of started coming together and I discovered hes a pretty mean damage dealer :3 I Like all of his skills! If one gets them right, Hydroid becomes very good! ...well, that might be said for any frame... xD But still! I like how all of his skills knock the enemies off their feet! Nr.1 is the hailing water bullets! I love that one, its quick and uses little energy. So you can spam it and finish everything off during the constant chaos. Tidal wave is also very useful. Not only does it knocks your enemies down, if its powered up, it can slice things in half... vertically.. xD... Even tho Im not that much into gore, I just had to stop there for a minute and admire the split-in-half corpse xD... Reminded me of my biology textbooks. Its great just charging into crowd with it. Reminds me of Rhinos Charge. And than while theyre all out of themselves just slice them all up with melee or something.

Than we have the puddle :3... Undertow as they named it. I love that one because it lets you regenerate your shields while pulling down everything that steps into it, allowing you to have eternal shields (and hp if you dont let shields down) for the price of stopping for a bit with attacks, anytime anywhere, without having to run back down the hall, through the garden, into the tool shed to hide in the old grain barrel so you can recover your shields... no. You can do it just there where you stand. However, I love the puddle the most because I can tease my teammates how they peed themselves... Especially when we camp. xD Sadly for me, it always ends up as a bad joke. Noone even notices it most of the time.. ;_; I guess theyre immersed into killing. :( Once a guy sent a lol or something. Not sure if he was laughing at the joke or pitying me.. xD Oh well! \o/

And than theres the Kraken :3 Little needs to be said about this than: SUGOI !!!

.. or: "Hentai~!... Dx " *distressed anime girl scream* ... xD Its a really cool skill! It saved me a lot of times. The only thing I didnt realize right away was that the number one and four appear there where you point your aim! So, i did find it weird that tentacles appeared a couple of times on the other side of the room... on a ceiling... xD Then I noticed that the area where they appear lightens up in the color of your energy. So yeah! Once I figured that out, it went butter-smooth.... all these references... Hydroid is really something \o/

And now Id like to tell how amazed I am by Phage. u_u Yes, the special moment of us uniting happened five days ago (or so..), and we clicked on the 1st run. The clicking wouldnt stop not even when we turned thirty. The Phage was always full of understanding, allowing me to direct the weapon, rather than to aim it. It also proved to be very powerful, so I proposed it with a blue potato. She accepted. As for all newlyweds its proving to be hard to part from eachother, even for the shortest time... xD ANYWAY! YUS! I love the weapon! I dont think I ever had anything more powerful, or prettier for a main weapon than Phage. Right now, I modded it so it has 5183 Gas damage, and 2468 Viral damage. Status chance is 52.2% which isnt too great but I did put anything I had with status chance in it. Whatever the case, I have a lot of fun with it all the time and Im a satisfied happy individual :3

Other than Phage, I re-discovered the Paris Prime. Yes, all those advices some of you gave me had to bear the fruits sooner or later. Right now, I like the Paris Prime more than I like Soma or Strun Wraith. Paris just one-hits 90% of mobs, anywhere. I reduced the charge time, put some punch-troughs, modded the crit department and added more damage... its very nice. I might be able to play like Legolas after all! xD I still am not as fast as the melee guys who kill most of the stuff before i even see it, but I came to peace with that. Its ok, let them dye their hands with blood. Im a supportive frame anyway, so my job is mostly not to let them worry about dying while they wreck the place. u_u And i can still pin the ones they didnt see to the wall... oh my... xD

Than I also tried Boar Prime. To tell you the truth, it didnt quite meet my expectations. Well, not my nooby ones at least xD.. I kind of expected it to be more like Strun Wrath. The thing I minded the most was tiny ammo amount i can spend in couple of minutes when doing some tower or survival. Phages ammo on the other hand is eternal. Also, it has long reload speed, which i didnt upgrade because I wanted to boost the damage a bit which want that great. In any case i found it inferior to Strun Wrath even on level thirty. I later on whined to Neaki-sempai about it, and he said its fine, because Boar P needs a potato and some formas to shine brightly. I said Ill do it later than. So Boar is resting with other pigs in the pit for now. Waiting for his time. xD

Im also happy to announce that Hikou prime won the title of the best secondary weapon I ever had ! :3  I love the big ammo amount, the fire rate that is so high my arms have trouble keeping up their movement to the amount of shurikens thrown. xD... When Im carrying an energy cell or something in one of the hands, the other one just stands risen above my head and I just hear the noise of shurikens flying xD... Besides that, it kills things neatly and quickly, you just have to aim a bit, and Paris Prime fixed my aim so its not that troublesome to get through missions.

I also tried Boltace. The spiky pretty looking weapon everyone has. And well, I didnt quite like its style of play. :( I prefer the polearms and staves. Boltace was ok, but dunno, I didnt like its movement not even with the Stance mod. Than I tried a couple of other melee and came to Nami Skyla. I really like its looks. And I like its movements, its a pleasure to play with. I made it white, and with white energy its like heaven summoned to earth *_* ... even tho im not sure how it works on a ship in middle of space away from any planet but you get what Im saying! xD I still like the Orthos more :3 But it was a good change. Im definitely into swords and light melee weapons.

And over the last period, the thing I noticed I lack the most is move-ability :S... I feel like a clay duck most of the time. The other guys in team are like real ninjas; sliding, jumping, propelling, wall running, flying, levitating, disappearing... I have trouble keeping up with them >.<... I feel like an incompetent commoner whos in the wrong movie and starts panting when trying to catch up with others even on straight corridors... fails anyway.. xD Sempai told me its about momentum (I was seiza sitting, paying attention to his classes as I always do). He said to slide and slide E attack. Or jump up and W-E attack. And repeat it. And itll be good once I get the hang of it. For now Im just getting the hang of jump up WE attack. I guess it all needs time and practice.

I also completed mastery rank eight. I was super scared because it was wall jumping and running. :S And first I saw some older video where you need to shoot the orb WHILE wall-running... I said.. well, I might just stay rank seven for the eternity.. xD Than I looked up the wiki-video, and i saw its a bit different. So I completed it successfully! \o/ Im so happy I didnt fail because Id need to re-qualify :S... And the exp bar is just getting bigger and bigger.

During the next period, I will try out my brand new, hot out of the oven, NovaPrime-chan. :3 Nekros will also be done in two days! Yes, Ive been doing ODs :3... I like them. Also, Ill try to get that bp for Ember P, and systems for NyxP, and helm for Mag P, and handle for Bo P... xD... oh, and Id really like to try out the throwing melee! *_* So yeah, lots to look forward to. \o/ And once the semester ends, for the 1st week of July Ill think of something special for my blog to commemorate the start of Summer! :D

Thats it for today \o/

Thank you very much for reading :3

Cya~ o/

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