Here is another heavy-reading blog of mine that will drain the life out of you! \o/ How have you guys been doing? Ive been playing warframe a lot lately... A LOT... I guess its just that the semester is starting and Im desperately trying to ignore the incoming pushy sea of obligations, which reminds me of Simaris when you go to his HQ... All up in your face. BAM!!! IM HERE!... But oh well.

Im happy to announce that I finally really feel like Im in no hurry with the game, that I can just take my time and explore one thing at a time, at my own pace. I always told myself that sentence, but as with any new game, you really want to try out as much new stuff as possible, RIGHT away! XD … regardless of what you tell yourself or what you plan. But anyway, The absence of pressure that I MUST get something, is really beneficial. I guess that will give Warframe its longevity. (among other things)

Speaking of longevity, DEs are always working on the game and changing it. I wont talk much about nerfs. And i wont really criticize them when they make a move. I know i should, as a player but meh... Im too busy playing around xD .. However, I am a bit worried about the solar system rework... :| .. 3/4ths of missions are empty, and thats a fact, so it definitely needs some rethinking, but i wonder about the random mission generator, with random enemies and random drops and all... : ( … if it really ends up like that Im a bit skeptic.... but we shall see!

I finally did the Natah Quest ! And I was blown away by its awesomeness! I love the story-line about Lotus and Sentients. So much potential in it for future developments! And those Sentient drones look awesome. I was really skeptic about scanning them since I was a bit put off by all that „You have only couple of seconds do that and theyre gone! :0“... And I dont like that sort of pressure on me.. xD But it wasnt that hard at all! O_O I got them from 1st try from that mission right under Tyl Regors tile. Anyway, I love the drones looks, and the spooky atmosphere with all those sound effects, it just sends chills down my spine. Pity we sealed them... but i bet we sealed only one of them, the one who spoke with Lotus. I bet the others are still „asleep“ scattered around the system. I guess we will find that out in the future! And the upcoming changes like The disappearance of the void, the orokin moon tileset! *drools* It will be fun! Just... yeah... hope the mission generator system works out.

I tried out the Ninkondi ! And they reminded me of Ether Daggers because you just fly around the room with them! I liked using the daggers, but come to think of it, i sold them... it was just around the beginning of my gameplay. I had no idea you cant get them again ;__; and i sold them because they didnt do much damage.. and I wanted credits... sigh.. sometimes i just want to facepalm my past-self. But well, the ninkondi is similar in that aspect, its fast, and fun! It has different style but still is one of the fast paced, kinda weak, weapons. But now, i dont really mind. If they made a perfect weapon, theyd get blamed they made an OP item. This is fine i guess. At least for casual players like me, who dont really want to get optimal results in every single thing.


  Ive also been trying to get Rage mod. I farmed it a lot. 1 st I went to Mercury, and lingered in a survival for 60 minutes (...) until i noticed that Napalms dont spawn there... I quickly facepalmed myself and extracted, opened my Mozilla and looked up again some advice on Google.... so I ran survivals on Saturn. Napalms really do spawn after 10th minute, but i didnt drop it. And I usually played 40mins per run. So i kind of gave it a rest for the past two weeks or so since I had no luck. I also heard you can get it by transmuting... i tried a couple of times but i learned you can get bronze mods even if you combine four gold ones. And I also didnt want to waste credits, since I need it for upgrading mods and for syndicate level ups.

And theres a new Syndicate that I leveled up! The Arbiters. Since theyre allied with Suda. And Ill also lvl up the Meridian. When i was starting the game and wondered about the Syndicates, ive been told that once you pick three youre stuck with them forever and wont be able to change them... which is sort of incorrect. I think they wanted to say to me you cant have positive blue standing with more than three at one time. (Maybe unless you juggle their missions and sigils like an expert, which im not.) But yeah, its because there are always two that are allied, so you pick those. Each of those have one enemy and one opposing group. But you can pick them so that opposing and enemy syndicates overlap each other. So youll end up having one thats neutral! So go ahead and pick that one as third. Its the same for Suda-Arbiters-Meridian. I think thats pretty well known, all that system about them, but i just had a personal revelation soo.. xD Ah, but, I still have yet to test if i will be able to max the Meridian Standing. Since my original syndicate was Loka. Then I joined the Suda and Arbiters, and now Im planning to get Meridian. Loka is currently red as hell for me, because of Suda, so Ill see if i can get meridian into blue :3

Speaking of Syndicates, the main weapons are quite interesting! But, The only one I tried out was Simulor, and i love it. I can be vauban with any warframe \o/.. but seriously, that AOE and damage are amazing. Ammo efficiency is awesome as well. And you dont even have to aim xD... but well, thats its style so no place for hate there. Itd be worse if it had poor aim; than to forsake the idea of „aiming“ almost completely. But than, poor aiming is also a style?.... nevermind.. xD One way or another, its interesting. I havent tried out other Syndi Mains, but Id like to give Cernos and Tigris a go. Ive heard about „suicida“ Penta, so im avoiding it xD... and well, Heks normal version is supposedly better, same with Syndi Boltor when compared to Prime one. Which I already got.

And well, I finally snapped at the prime gear in my Foundry thats been lying there for an eternity, so Ive set off to farmland, and got the keys i needed for places where the parts i was missing drop. So I got most of them! I got now the Boltor Prime, the Soma Prime, the Glaive Prime, the Vectis prime, and Ash prime, and Carrier Prime, so yeah! Slowly getting somewhere in that area :P.... wish it was my studying  ..

Anyway, I like them all! Boltor prime is very aggressive riffle, i didnt potato it yet or anything, even tho people say its super op. I dont quite like the noise it makes, its tiring on long runs, almost as tiring as reading my blog... xD Soma is riffly riffle, and im ok with it. I like the crits o.o Usually, I prefer status over crit chance, but crits are nice in this one. I also potatoed the Soma, and Formad a couple of times so its really nice. Nice ammo efficiency too. What I also noticed is that I dont really like too high Fire Rate on riffles :S... when its too high I just want to rush everything and I fail at many things, its just the feel it gives to weapon, so... I guess im just more of a relaxed slow.paced player. hmmm


    Glaive prime blueprint fell into my hands out of the blue, I totally gave up on getting it, and was a bit sad because its getting removed from drop tables soon, and than, while i was leveling my Banshee, in t1 E, there was this „secret“ room, the one at the ice bridge with lasers, when you step on a pad to open the gate, which starts the two lasers between two ice bridges, which opens a wall on the other side of the bridge, so you need to run across it (glide over it..xD); so i did! And there was this rare Orokin Crate, the one that glows gold and has this divine sound around it, and it had a forma and Glaive prime blueprint in it! :D … my jaw dropped and hit space bar, so I jumped out of excitement. So Ill be trying that ranged Melee out ^^ Well, I already played with normal Glaive, and it was fun! But i didnt potato it since sempai told me a long time ago to potato the prime one. So i waited : ) im glad it did.

And Im also happy that I managed to get the whole new set, Ash + Vectis + Carrier Prime. And well, as usual, i like it! Ash is an interesting warframe, but is obviously press-4-to-win type, which Im not against, but you have almost no control, which feels sort of weird, since most other frames require your guidance. I dunno, its a tad bit boring, but its also nice to sit back and relax and get the job done without much worrying about dying or something. So its enjoyable! but, Hmmm... it depends on your playstyle i guess. But he looks good! The Ash prime. He has that super long „ponytail“ and those arm plates, looks interesting! The work on details is nice. u_u

             Vectis prime is also designed very nicely. I already tried the normal version before, so I already knew what to expect, and I still like the sniper playstyle. When playing solo I love it. When Im in party its not so good since people with riffles kill most of the mobs as soon as they step into the room... Not much to talk about Carrier prime :D Just, It does its job without bugs and tis pretty ..:3

As i said before, ive been playing with Banshee. I always kept away from her, because (and im ashamed of myself because of that now) of her looks … she just looked so dull and raw-clay like and just meh... turns out shes very fun to play with! Her skills are all very nicely done. All are very useful, in party and solo too. Even all of her augments are great!

Sonic boom is her number one skill which i love! It just blasts everyone in front of you off onto the walls, it has nice range, nice area of effect, is awesome as crowd control too, and if you augment it, you can reduce enemies armor by 70%! It also uses little energy. <3... I remembered the scene in LOTR, when the Nazguls were washed away by the river before Rivendell, same effect here with Banshee! xD Number two is sonar, localizes enemies and highlights weak spots for all to see. Very handy! Its also convenient if you want to polish your aiming skills. Or make some if theyre unexistant (like mine...xD .. Simulor has spoiled me rotten.)

Number three is silence, its my personal favorite.<3 Not only does it remove all noise you make, it also stuns all enemies that enter your range! And while theyre having severe headaches, you can snipe them one by one with ease, or if you like to get personal, you can finish-attack them :3 And than we have number 4, which frankly, i didnt quite understand that well, its a nice crowd control, it deals some damage and looks cool, but youre vulnerable like a little piglet while crouching there on the floor. And when you add to it that Banshee is squishy, i used that skill only when i really needed, or felt it was safe. Or maybe I just dont trust yet that it will stun all mobs xD... oh well, but she is really fun warframe! Im so surprised by her! I even Potatoed her, and she looks nice with the Reverb helmet, kida like some fish! Mute like a fish. :D

And as usual, Ill end the blog with a bit of Fanart of my own. This time its Frost! As I said last time, i wont really copy-paste the originals anymore, but retouch them in a way. I went for „wild“ natural frost here, more ice crystals and stuff, asymmetry... It reminds me a bit of Saryn Frost, or infested Frost.. xD Oh well, a quick sketch it was!

Thank you for reading! And special thank you for those of you who read all of it! (which is probably just me, but oh well xD)

Cya next time!

Frost FanArt by Unnar

Frost Fanart by Unnar

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