First of all, i think Bows arent really my thing... ;_; You need to AIM real careful! D.:  And By the time i kill five npcs, a guy with orthos just slides into the herd of npcs and kills 30ish in one go... And that one precious arrow you didnt manage the use (because of the dude with internal-combustion killing-engine in his butt), strained to the max waiting for a random npc that lives long enough for you to aim and shoot it at him... *_* ... whatever you do, do NOT let that left click loose! VEry Power, much wow, so danger... and than when you finaly seclude yourself from the group, and find that one little prime helios, you get so excited you fail to aim and you miss... DEAR.LORD... I-,I-... I just wanted to be like Legolas... *starts sobbing silently*

But well, I guess it works the best on slow (or speed) nova. So Ive heard at least. Also Its not that bad, with some practice and if you upgrade it nicely. One arrow can pierce several npc in one flight *_* ! I even managed to do that. And also with trinity i just enegry vampire everything and snipe them while theyre twisting.... xD... Moving backwards and shooting them one by one as they come is also ok option, until your butt hits the wall.

I also got Orthos prime! \o/ I love it! Its not just pretty its much power, very danger, great wow. Seriously tho! It is! I also doubled its points with a blue po-tato, so now its my favorite :3. I added extra range mod too, so now im the one sliding into herds and preparing dinner. Well, i did that with Tipedo too, but orthos is kinda slicier.

I tried Oberon after a while, for the sake of good old times... I kept shooting the hollowed ground (nr 2) trying to replenish my energy... I also died after realising nr 3 is not Link, and wont redirect the damage I take and even tho it is heal, its gradual heal, per unit of time, and it will stop once my (already low) energy deplets... so yeah! xD... oh but i pressed nr 4 trying to desperately fill the groups hp & shields that were low cuz of the herd of monsters backed up by several eximuses... I didnt heal them, instead i kinda killed the monsters... which ended up being fine too. xD Pretty effect tho! *_* From that point on, i just used nr 4! And three... cant help it, love healing <3

Still, im pretty sure im a Trinity-junky... she spoiled me rotten... ;__; HOW WILL I EVER TRY ANOTHER WARFRAME?! D:

But i will, Frost will be done in about two days ! \o/ SO EXCITE! I saw he is needed a lot in Void and I heard hes a slug, and i love slow warframes! Since my "internal processor" is not the best, and while i was using Volt with that nr2 activated, i always end up trying to drill my own tunnels instead of using the doors and corridors like normal people  ._.  At the end, i kinda gave up on pressing shift... since it got me nowhere and just slowed me down instead. RUNRUNRUNRUN!- CRASH!!!!.RUNRUN-CRASH!!!!!!!! ._. So I arrive at the finish point all bruised up and with a couple of broken bones... And the others are like: "O__O... dude, where were you? What happened? Was there and eximus or something?" ... me:"... YES! YES THERE WAS! Several actually...."

yeah, i need to practice... xD

Now Im trying to get that Wyrm Prime! Need only Carapace... cand find ANY T2 Sabby mission... ;__; So Im joining others in the meantime and trying to spend some of mine accumulated T1s... And that Carrier of mine is a bad boy! BAD BAD BOY! >: O  You know what he does?! He just stops registering items he sucks up! JUST STOPS! And They all end up floatiing around him! He just keeps sucking them all up to the point he is unvisible and I end up looking like an idiot chased by a cloud of chaos... or head sized hornets. THe cloud actually ends up covering 40% of my screen and i cant see where im shooting... well, not that id hit it anyway with that Paris prime xD .. BUT STILL! >:0 I LIKE SEEING MY TRINITY'S LITTLE CUTE LAMB EARS!!! HOW DARE HE! So i crowned him with a shame cone and let him reflect on what hes been doing lately in the corner of my lisette. Instead Im teaming up with my pooch.

The bug is troublesome tho. : / I reported it. One guy who took a time to release the bloodlust-lockdown on the mobs noticed my weird afro haircut and said it happened to him sometimes too, he didnt have any advice tho. And as far as i know, dying and getting revived by others wont fix it, if the carrier dies, the cloud just drops on the ground and i can loot neither it nor anything else that drops from that point on. THe only fix for now is the end of mission , or reviving with your own ress.

And its disgracefull killing myself and being trinity... ;_; Itd make me a bad trinity. Trinities are supposed to be immortal... like Legolas and other pretty elves... ;_;

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