Im back with my seventh blog! I hope everyone is enjoying their Summer?! And of course, the Summer on Warframe. \o/!    My WF-Summer is steadily teaching me how to enjoy Warframe more, how not to worry too much about lack of free-time, about lectures i need to attend, about missions i need to do because later Ill have to log out so I MUST do them even tho ld like to do something else, etc. Im slowly getting depressurized from all the new stuff I encountered on the game and that I needed to handle if I wanted to "move on" with it, and that all was starting to seem to me as if each new item i needed to level was like a job contract i needed to fulfill.. xD build my item, see if I any have free slots, get platinum to buy one if I dont, have hard time selling my items, and once I finally get it, I can Level the item up for Rank points, see if I like it, should i put a catalyst, how should i mod it correctly, how should i color it prettily.... you know! Hard tasks! xD

Either way, I dont like that sort of feeling on games, so I think warframe became a bit ... I wouldnt say boring, but its similar to, for example, when you want to go to sea with a couple of friends and its all very exciting and tempting, youll swim, youll jump in the water, youll rent the boat, have fun, youll sunbathe, chat, take walks along the strand in the evening, BUT one of your friends will keep mentioning EVERY DAY how much work you have to do when Winter Semester starts! >_<

So yeah... xD  I needed to take some measures against it. So Im doing exclusively things I simply feel like doing. And if i can farm something along the way, even better! Lately ive been playing a lot of Spy missions :3... Since i like them the most. Also, are we stealthy space-ninjas, or what!? :D  I dont know about you, but i like these missions a lot! I even managed to learn how to do them all withouth having trouble with cameras or activating any alarms! :3 Both grineer and corpus ones. I made some important revelations that made the spy missions a lot easier, for example in grineer spy ones, you can shoot down the laser balloons instead of playing spider-cat trying to avoid rays... xD WELL I DIDNT KNOW YOU COULD! xD Also I miraculously managed to get the hang of spy grineer one when you move across those production lines with barrels and bombs coming your way and you need to move around them without triggering the orange fields. Which is kind of tricky since you are on a moving line already. At least was for me.

OH, and also, i managed to finally learn how to do the Corpus one with a U-formed room with three laser-nets moving really fast across all three parts of it, the Database is in the middle of it. And there are also security cameras. ._. Ah, I dont know about you, but it got me so depressed that, even before i entered it, while opening the 1st gate, once i saw the scattered-around crates, i knew its that bugger... xD So, what i used to try all the time, was to go in that small room in the other end, and deactivate the lasers on a green panel, so yeah... i either got seen by camera or got hit by laser... >.<...

SO! Once i failed it for a certain number of times, failed it enough that my desperation reached critical levels (it took me weeks...), I looked around the whole room after a failed run! And I noticed a few crashed ventilation coverings and decided to use them, as well as the tiny places just before them (even the brand new ones you cant destroy) where lasers cant scratch you! So in this way i could move from wall to wall, and slide-attack my way to these ventilation openings while staying out cameras way, and ignoring lasers. The most distant one can lead you above the center room, so once you slide attack your way towards it while making pauses at these spots, just climb up to it and youll see a camera on your left side camera, youll need to destroy it and than destroy the one above the database. Lastly, dont let the lasers above database scratch you as you jump down and thats it! :3

Also, since Im way too stingy to spend my precious ferrite and credits on ciphers, i never used them!... I did make around 30 when i just started the the game, but i used them all on those level 10ish spy missions... xD Ah, but what bugged me for a while when solving the ciphers was my old mouse... that little #*€@!ß+ used to double click everything! It was already old tho, 5 years, so i replaced it with this beauty resting here next to my keyboard... <3 until the new mouse it was a pain to align corpus gears... Also! another marvelous revelation of mine that made me evolve to the next phase of my being, was realization that left click turns the "gears" clockwise while right click turns them counter-clockwise.. xD I DID NOT KNOW THAT!!! I was making circles clockwise! And when the old mouse all of a sudden double clicked, I missed the position and I needed to make another circle around it xD... And I was playing the game for ... four-five Months? xD... so yeah! Dora-The-Explorer; learnin' new things every day! \o/

Also, i read somewhere about which frames are good for Spy missions. They said Limbo but with Limbo I didnt quite like it... I dont know. I just like to loot my drops... ;_; They also said Nyx, and I tried her right away and I did 11 Spy missions in a row... xD Shes really good! She can make the mobs fight each other while you do your thing on the panel, or whe can make one of them your ally so he can cover your back while you concentrate on something else. Shes also agile and moves around swiftly! So yeah! :3 I also did a couple of runs with Trinity, she was also excellent, but than again, shes like that anywhere. Put her where you want and she will work her way out! Maybe not swiftly cuz of lack of offensive skills, but definitely with greater success chance! Well... unless shes alone after wave 20 on some mission lvl 30 or higher.. that might be intense... xD But still!

And oh my god, i dreamt about warframe. TWICE! xD! In the first dream, I was in some Corpus mission with Trinity and I had Opticor, and it was some long corpus hallway and lots of mobs shooting at me, and i ran out of Ammo on Opticor.... ahahaha xD I started panicking a lot and asking : "WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO MEEEE!? :.O" ...!xD... I started jumping around between the rain of bullets and i woke up.. xD And once i realized I dreamt about running out of Ammo ON OPTICOR i had a good laugh all by myself in the morning. No way youll run out of Ammo on that one! Later on while i was having a breakfast i remembered I did read some comments about luscious ammo capacity of opticor, so i guess they triggered it ... I love eternal ammo.. xD

The second one was a result of dozens of Spy missions ive been doing for many days. You know, I still dont have Continuity and since it drops on Spy missions, and since I like Spy missions the most, i got to it right away! Two flies with one hit! Ah but I still didnt get it, and one morning i dreamt about me solving a cipher in front of Lech Krill  on his plateau on Ceres.... He was just standing in front of me, with panel in between us and looking at it as i was deciphering. He was very silent, just breathed heavily and you could see the sunset behind him, it was orange and romantic, the two of us all alone...xD. AND than i finished the deciphering, so the result panel you see at the end of missions poped up instead of the code, and i saw the reward. 

There was a mod! And it looked like a Trinity head, and i thought to myself, "...*gasp* Could this be Continuity!?"... and i hovered my finger above it, and it really was continuity! only... it didnt write "Continuity" ... it was "Continuation"... xD... I was so confused!! And i looked at the mod, i didnt know what to do with it!!! ahahah... than i started asking if this was really the mod? Or was it perhaps a fraud? xD... But it had the +% of power duration under the name!! So it should work, right!? D:?   I was really clueless! Lech Krill also did nothing to help! He just starred blankly at he mod in my hands... xD And than i started realizing I already shut the game last night, so i didnt really drop it, and the odd name made sense all of a sudden and i realized i was dreaming (which happens rarely in my dreams!xD I always get in such a mess that i wake up out of sheer anxiety or thrill..) and well i woke up and said to myself i should pause with the spy missions that day... xD

Fun times.. xD

I also used several golden potatoes on my warframes! I used one on Chroma and on Nyx and on... hmmm... Zephyr I think! So I played those warframes a lot :) I really like them all.

Chroma is so indifferent to most damage, HE (because i dont want you to tell me Chroma is not a girl..xD) also has very cool useful skills. I still didnt boost the Armor to maximum, so ill need to see to that. And well, I really like playing Chroma but, at certain moments, I feel like Im playing too carelessly. I dont move away from gunfire :/... because by the time they get through my shield, theyre already dead, and my hp is just not budging much even under such circumstances xD BUT the problem appears when we get in void up to 30 or 40 minutes in survival (for example), you cant really stand so indifferently at times liek that. xD So bit by bit, i dstart dying every now and than lol... It took me some time to get used to Chroma that is a tough and heavy but also needs to be nimble. On the other hand, i think my playstyle is not nimble by default. Im still always the slowest one, even tho i managed to reduce the gap between the fast guys and me a bit. And well, i still feel like Im not so good at shooting and moving around at the same time. I also dont have the habit of changing spots before i kill out the whole group of mobs... and what gets me is that on higher levels those groups tend to be eternal so... i end up being the dead one because i didnt move my butt to a better position when i should have... xD And since i dont have anything to nuke them its like that..... Tell me about Tonkor i sold? xD.. ahahaha

Zephyr on the other hand is the fastest one :3... its so light and i love running around herds of mobs and shooting and slicing them from all sides... :3 I can also put up the wind shield so i wont get hit by projectiles, so its super handy, it also speeds me and my own projectiles up. So, i can either just run around and run inside the groups and chop them up with Orthos or something, or send the tornadoes that reduce the stress on me when theres too many mobs. Zephyr quite fun to play. I still rarely get the highest number of kills, with any frame, but Im not that far away from 2nd or 1st... how can i, since theres always a Mesa or Excalibur or Saryn that kill things with their looks or some bad-boy with top-notch equipment that leaves the trail of blood and bodyparts behind him/her... xD But well, that is understandable because they usually equip the most efficient things. Even tho they might have fun with something else... but winning is really fun as well.. xD So I can speak about my "special" funs for now. I also managed to practice a bit the Zephyr travel through the air, so its a bit better now. But I still find the number two pretty much useless : (... I might be wrong tho. Id much rather preserve my energy for the number three or four, or even number one than to use it on head-bump. Ill need to get to know Zephyr a bit more for that.

I also Tried Vauban out! The Engineer who finished Electromechanics with highest regards. :D I thought he would be boring to play with, but he isnt! o.o I like all of his skills! Except for number two, which may be fun but is inferior to his other skills. I like all of them!! \o/ I still didnt get any augments for him nor a potato, but i think he will really be amazing with those! Ill wait for that time before i talk more about him.

Than I decided to build the Excalibur! :D I like his looks, hes simple and minimalistic. His new skills are really fun to use!!! He became a bit tanky with his high armor stat, so thats welcomed in my office. His skills are so much more attractive than his previous ones. The light-sword is really suitable for the frame and his background story, you know the sword Excalibur. xD.. But, out of all of them, the number four is as predicted the best one yet. :D It uses so little energy, and does sooooo much damage!!! It counts as melee kills and can get you extra experience but theyre actually ranged since the crescent moons fly from you, THROUGH ANYTHING!!! :O .. which is really something! PLUS, you can channel while using 4th skill... i still havent really noticed the difference (aside from the mobs that turn into light powder) since the basic skill without channeling kills the mobs as it is.... Also, I will use some formas on Excalibur, especially the aura slot! I want them extra points >.<... I think that now, its really justified you need to reach Pluto to get him, since i think he is one of the strongest frames now. Unless you got him as your starter frame! :D Everything you do becomes so easy with Excalibur now. Neaki-sempai said so himself. But is it maybe a bit too easy?... naaah! no such thing! ;D

Also I encountered one of few douches in Warframe... excuse me for my language. But yeah, he seemed as if he was in wrong movie. Bossing everyone around like he owns our souls and wills... He also doesnt use names! Thats so annoying! >.< !   I hate that, when people call you by the frame you use! Call me by my username! >:O I know right away itll be a pain in the butt when they call you like that from the start...

"Trinity, you go Mesa!"

"Valkyr, you go Nova"


But than again, such people dont really care about anything except for getting what they want, and youre just a tool in their eyes to help them. They dont want to be with players to begin with, all they want is to be with nameless suits that do their work. I mean, that is the reality but when they get so openly blunt and almighty, it sort of rubs me the wrong way... UGH!!!!!!!... but you know what, i dont really want to be around people like that. Because Im a person, not a nameless tool that plays and does exactly the things you expect him to. Ill do my job and heal and whatever, but he spoke (to all of us) as if we were idiots playing the wrong way, and he was the only one who knew the right thing to do!!! If he told us normally, to do something he wished for,  i bet no one would even bat an eyelash and do it promptly (if chat didnt close...). But no. He did it his way.

This guy sat like a pigeon on top of the Cryopod with his stupid little soma prime on a T3 Defense Void mission on wave 17, and the rest of us; two guys with Nyx and Valkyr and me as Trinity were running around it in close radius and clearing the mobs. He was a frost. He had his caps locked, and just spammed the globe a bit and used his number four here and than, rarely ever coming down... so he was like this:




"CAN SOMEONE KILL THE HEALERS" (he meant the corrupted ones)






... We completed wave 20 once he realized he better climb down from his nest and protect the cryopod with his body, like we did... he just exited without saying anything once we completed it.

I feel kind of bad that I ended up talking so much about him ._.   But he showed me how not to act at least. As Angelina Jolie would say:

"Im sure theres something I can learn from this...*gazes into the distance with puffed up lips*...."


And well, later on i visited the latest Baro Ki'Teer, and got myself the Lisette Prisma skin :3 Its pretty and makes my ship shine like a pearl :3 I didnt like the other things tho... The weapons were not my type, Sempai also told me he will just buy them for the Mastery Rank, but I didnt, since i didnt want to farm the credits... xD...  Im very happy with the skin! u_u

Also, i got several new weapons. I wont talk much about them ill just point out i really liked Prisma Dual Cleavers :3 And Sancti Castanas. <3 Theyre both fun to use and they pack a punch. Ill talk about weapons a bit more in the next blog.

I switched my Syndicate. I ditched the New Loka after getting everything and joined the Cephalon Suda order... :3 I know which one of you will be pleased the most to hear these news. ;D

And for the ending I shallt offer a sketch of mine! \o/ It shallt be an offer made to please the mighty depicted warframe. u_u And as last time, thou might try to read the Old-Orokin language (with a twist) ! \o/

Thank you for reading! \o/

Chroma by Unnar

Chroma Fanart by Unnar

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