Im back! \o/ It was a while since my last blog (at least for me), I was waiting for my Fifth one to be pushed down from the list of five most recent blog posts. It took way longer than I expected!!! :O I was beginning to think I should start making notes of whats happening during my gameplay, since I tend to forget what I ate this morning, not to mention what happened two weeks ago in a game... xD But oh well! I shall strain my neurons for your sake, dear reader. >.<

We shall kick-off with Ember Prime! Yes yes, the fire-girl! (I always think of my Neaki-sempai when I see Ember Prime, because thats his Profile pic. :3)  I must say, she is one of the frames with most dynamic body and posture. o_o She has the curves as well. :3 And, Id like her even if she was a bucket of seaweed, BECAUSE she made me fall in love with fire and heat! :3... Yes, as i mentioned elsewhere, Im more of a cool element type, I prefer Water and Ice, but Ember here, made me rediscover the marvels of the fire! \o/ All of her skills are very pleasing, even tho I kept pressing number four over and over again. xD I mean, how cool is just running down the path of danger and peril, and watch as the world of fire makes it into a homeland?! I dont know about you, but i like that a lot. I even dare saying I like it more than Number three :3, which is also awesome! When was the last time when kneeling and slamming your fist on the ground made you feel instantly good? I always thought you do that when youre angry, helpless and in despair...xD...

And well, Sempai told me I should always use the number two, before number three (and four), because it will give me extra damage... Ive been a bad kouhai and didnt do it as he said... :X... Im stingy with my energy as always, cant help it. xD  I also learned to appreciate her when fighting against infested. But, I like her everywhere! I got the feeling people dont like Ember because her defenses arent good, but I didnt find that true at all o.o With her, a good offense is also a good defense. I feel very secure with her even now without a potato. Just, yeah, dont drag your feet and youll be fine. \o/

Next one is Mag Prime! The little Cyclops lass... xD With the eye that sees through your soul. You cant look away, you can not hide, you are safe nowhere, she sees your deepest thoughts and fears....( O ).... (<- thats her one eye..xD) So yeah! I was really interested in her telekinetic abilities! And I must say, I really like them. Few of you gave me some tips about her, and I tried them out, and I liked them! :D We have the Pull that is really useful when you face a lot of mobs trying to shoot at you. You just press Number One, and most of them are up in the air flying butts over heads! xD Which gives you a lot of time to gather your marbles and start shooting or running or whatever you usually do when you face a lot of mobs.. xD (hide behind a closest sempai). Than theres my personal favorite, the Number two! Shield Polarize! It cuts your enemies shields down and replenishes all shields of your teammates! I really like that skill because I also like healing and supporting. I Also got the Augment for it. :3

Than There is number three, that makes the target of your choice attract ALL the incoming Damage! (...not sure if Melee one is included, i think not) That skill is cool when you are facing an eximus or a boss (which doesnt require shooting a specific spot on him), and after a certain period, when the magnetization of the target runs out, the field explodes and damages nearby enemies! \o/ Now, you must be careful, and unlike me, polarize the target you really want... I usually aim like a deaf bat, and end up putting shield polarization on anything else except on the one I want. xD Number four is really pretty to use when you are on extraction point and wanna spend your remaining energy with style until other guys arrive. xD... yeah, I dont think I ever used number four in combat... Even if i did, i think it was so insignificant i didnt even like it. I just , dont know : / I really should give it a better chance, shouldnt i?

    Zephyr got me really full with anticipation while I was waiting for the Clan blueprint research to be done, and than for the parts to be crafted, and than the three days until warframe itself was crafted. And well, I like her a lot. But since its sort of expected -like-, you might get a feeling I enjoyed Ember more than her, because Ember surprised me, Zephyr just fulfilled all the expectations I had for her. She really did! I expected something new , something completely different from my previous frames, and I got it. I think Zephyr is the Third on my "suki-list" and shares the position with Oberon. And she got that high because ...her life sucks and she sought comfort in weed? ... NO! xD... Because shes a bird? No...well, partially... is it than because she is under weaker gravity force by default? -YES! \o/

I just love that. Theres no other Frame that light! it gives a different feel to the game. It influences your gameplay style and thats interesting and cool. She also looks birdy. :3 And I like birds. xD... Ah, i just want the Tengu-san Helmet! *_* because I like Japanese things! I think I might make that Zephyr Tengu icon my profile pic (Raenin-sempai has the default Zephyr icon pic :3). I almost bought it the other day. Instead I bought some weapon slots. BUT I will get it! (If Trinity icons werent red, id get that one. ._.)

And well, when it comes to Zephyrs skills, I didnt really figure them all out so well :|... For example, the Number one and two, the tail wind and dive bomb. So yeah, Nr.1 is nice when you have a lot of open space above your head and you can travel super quickly, 1st click will shoot you up vertically, and next one in the direction of your aim. Otherwise, if you want to use it like a damaging skill, you need to jump from the ground and press it and aim. I usually either fly over mobs heads, or leave my scalp on a doorframe, or just compress myself against a wall, pretty much like a tin-can when you step on it... xD Divebomb is pretty much the same, once youre in the air you can hit Nr.2 and you will slam your beak into the mobs and damage them o.o ! Apparently, the higher you are when you hit 2, the more damage you will make, which can be really awesome if you still have energy left when youre up in the air. Still, by the time you make all the preparations, find the highest spot, jump, press 1, and press two, youll be lucky if other guys didnt wipe the ground baby-butt-clean. Also, if they didnt, and youre have aiming skills of above mentioned deaf bat like I do, youll prolly end up hitting the trashcans and boxes, instead the actual place where the targets chit-chat... xD Im also skeptic about the area of effect... I dont think its that wide.

BUT the Numbers three and Four are really awesome :3. Number three will make you immune to gunfire, and will speed your own and your buddies projectiles. (...ohh mhy... xD) It also looks pretty :3 Than the Number four is my personal favorite. I just like how the twisters pick up targets and drop them in disorderly fashion across the room, IF they survive the tumbling! You can also give element damage to the originally bluish twisters, and color them. :3 Which is more interesting than the damage itself... xD

Than I sought out Cephalon Simaris! O__O  ... yes, the ultimate cephalon in the System that possesses all kinds of knowledge, EXCEPT the one about personal space!..... xD!  I read similar comment somewhere, under a Photo of Simaris, and once I met the cephalon personally, I figured what the guy meant. But dear lord, I spent good 15 minutes trying to figure out WHERE THE HECK THE SANCTUARY IS!!!! xD Than I made a break, cuz I was clueless and went to do a couple of missions, than I came back and noticed than one of the blue light fountains brings you up, and is actually an elevator \o/... But yeah, lots of interesting stuff in Sanctuary :3 Besides the Simaris, the Master Rank Tests can also be revisited, or even practiced! You can do a Test for your next Rank!

And Well, than I started the Strange Quest. I like these big quests, this one in particular! Because I really like the Orokin-related stuff, and a menace from that era, this ancient warframe is certainly very interesting to me. Especially the cool creepy lines from the ancient book about becoming of the world from Guatemala. I just love stuff like that! Ancient Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, The Mayan Civilization, GUURRRLLL... HOLD YOUR NICKERS CUZ IMMA BUST THAT WIKI-PAGE!!! xD... <3 for the DE or Artist who supported and gave birth to the idea. And naturally, thats also why Im so interested in the Orokin related lore, much more than the one about Grineer and Corpus and Infested. Thats also how I discovered the Sentients! *_* Im so curious about that ancient society! Who were they, what was they philosophy, id like to know their origin, and the origin of Orokin as well. Thats also how I learned about Orokin language and learned the way of writing... xD... yeah...

ANYWAY, Chroma!!! For some reason, when I think about Chroma, I immediately imagine chromed Car body-parts, bumpers, grills, wheels... xD Thank lord Warframe Chroma has nothing to do with that. Instead we have a very unique Warframe that , pretty much like Zephyr and Limbo, has its own strong theme. This time its the play with elements! I immediately went for the Ice element xD! And I also checked the wiki-article here about Chroma, and I like Ice element effects a lot. I think It suits me the most. Chroma looks nice, at least to my taste, And shes also one of rare frames on which I applied the Agile Movement Set :D I just like how she bends down and looks like a wild silent cautious beast! :3... xD dirty minds might read something else there...

And when it comes to Chroma, I love ALL her skills! Number one, the elemental scream, not only looks like the embodiment of AWESOME, it also (as everything else about her) lets you see the idea behind the frame: the dragon. Further more, the ice element damages targets in a V-shaped area in front of you, it usually kills the smaller npcs, it cant kill the big ones, BUT it slows their attack speed significantly! Number two is a buff for you and your buddies that stick close to you, It reflects incoming fire, the reflected damage can proc into bigger ice damage AND your Armor can be boosted by 150%!  Than the Number three is another buff skill that is awesome when youre under a lot of damage, because for the damage on your shields, your armor is boosted; and when theres damage on your health, your own attack power increases! AND as if that isnt enough, we have a super awesome dragon turret! You shed your pelt, and it turns into a dragon, that stuns everything and blows the spectral scream like theres no tomorrow. \o/ And during all that, you can still function as usual, only you are lighter and faster, and a bit more vulnerable to damage cuz of reduced Armor stat, but because you have shameless amount of it to begin with, who cares!?

All in all, Chroma got me completely. <3 I love the super awesome Armor stats! My default armor stat is 630 (still not maxed). And when you add all the effects from buffs and other skills, I just start drooling like a toddler. xD However, I feel I did her wrong because I leveled her simultaneously with some weapons i didnt like ....:(  Ill make it up to her with a potato. <3 i really like the durable, slow, cool looking and variable frames, so Ill definitely use one on her. And I think she actually might climb right to the 2nd spot on the suki-list and share it with Nyx. <3


Now Ill yap a bit about weapons. You can take a break... this is taking a while... xD.... God, Ill scare all my potential readers.... :X Oh well. There will be a little prize at the end for those who endure. Most of you will just work that mousewheel and jump to the end right away.. xD Ill try to keep it short where im not interested much.

OK! So, Lex-Prime is the secondary weapon I tried. Everyone praised the gun, Loki Prime Clone uses one as well. And now I too used it! To begin with, I avoid anything that looks like Earthly riffles and pistols with a 50 meter radius away from them. Lex is a pistol like that. So, yeah, i didnt really expect much. And I didnt really think too much about it. It was just ... not interesting to me. : ( .. sorry. But for the shooter-lovers its certainly an object of satisfaction (...xD). I liked its solid damage, but it was just so shaky! >.< When i shooted, i would climb from the belly-button, where i aimed the 1st time, to the spider hanging from the ceiling.... xD I felt like id knock my teeth out... if i had any. lol But well! it is really genuine if they aimed to make a weapon like the ones that pew pew here on our current earth. Ill put the Lex in the drawer with Sicarus, for now.

Than I tried the Quanta! The one that everyone has! Soon I realised that everyone else has Quanta Vandal, and not the cheap recycled Antennae from Clan Research...-_-.. I wasnt so happy with it... It had low damage. Too low. The ammo was nice, amount-wise. Which I really appreciated. Theres no zoom, and that didnt bother me much either. My aim is sucky anyway... xD But it seemed to me, if you dont want to make something with Formas and a Potato out of it, it wont really be that interesting or strong. I might be wrong tho?


Nikana and Dragon Nikana were the next ones i tried! :3 Aaand, i really liked them! I will definitely use a potato on my Dragon nikana. It deals decent damage, id just like it to hit a bit faster, and a bit stronger, which is totally doable with a potato. Not to mention they are so Nihon-style, a true Katana! And I like that! I can also switch the three stances, since they all have same polarities and change the styles every now and then :)

Than I tried the Amprex.... it makes me puke... seriously.. xD I do not like it. The damage was, meeh, the looks are meeeeh (at least in my eyes), the ammo efficiency is terrible, and the only thing i liked about it is that it offered some crowd control, because the electricity arches between enemies. Either way, I do not want to use a potato on it, and try to squeeze some potential out of it, because it dragged my Chroma down.... :.(... or i dragged us a whole with my deaf-bat skills... xD Either way, Ill sell that ugly bugger. It didnt shine once in my eyes even with level 30. And the ones that I dont like until than, wont get a potato. For now at least.

The above commented Amprex will make me look like a total idiot when I say to you I used a potato on Synapse.. xD... yeah...I dont know why... I guess i wanted an electric weapon, that looks good, and this one went really well with Chroma, at least looks-wise.. xD... But when I put it next to Amprex, the crits are luscious, the damage is ok; the looks are nice to my taste, the ammo efficiency is not that great, but it still seemed ok, but it doesnt arch between enemies like Amprex does. : / Oh well, i cant do everything smartly can I? -Oh, did you do something smartly until now? -...xD

Currently, Im trying out some new Melee types I didnt try before, like the Kogake. Im not that into hand to hand fighting but, i decided to give it a go, and well, it seems it isnt that bad. I like the movements and damage is ok, but... the one i have just... the combos NEVER END!!! XD I press E a couple of times and i keep break-dancing like a true natural long time after i stopped pressing it. I pass my original target, I pass the other potential targets behind the original one, I break-dance down the hallway, and I get stuck between trash-cans and grineer brooms... xD... During that time, if planets alignment is to my benefit, I might get 2-3 kills... on the other hand, the other guys wiped 20ish mobs each... xD ...Saryns finish a mission by that time... xD But yeah, Ill keep leveling them to 30. Next one is Furix I think.

And my very 1st whip is waiting for me next time i log in! :3 Scoliac!.... no, wait... dirty minds might read deeper into it.. xD oh well.


And well, thats about it! Overall, the last period seemed to have passed in sign of farming the fieldrones and mutagen masses for clan weapons, as well as financing the clan researches to begin with. I did only few Void runs. I didnt play too much since I had to wrap things with my semester up. So I rarely saw my sempais ( :.[ ....) but I made some good friends with some more clanmates! ^^ And Im very happy about it. Also I finally managed to sell some of my prime parts! And I only managed to sell my scrap parts.. you know, 1p each, since noone wants to buy sets. Either way, I bought with the earned platinum a slot for Chroma (<3), two more weapon slots, and i think i still have 25p left.I think Ill get a golden potato for some of my top frames! I Still dont know which one! :S Im thinking Nyx, or Chroma, or Oby. I also managed to complete the Master Test for Rank 11! :3 ... The number is just getting more and more misleading.. xD

FINALLY! The promised Summer-Special!!! \o/ ... its not really that much.. xD... I just decided to give honors to the wonderful Trinity-sama u_u! And I also wanted to show my Orokin writing skills... xD And I also heard people like fan-art here. Honestly I didnt spend enough time on the drawing, i just scraped something up this afternoon so that I dont turn up empty handed. All in all, I think the drawing is an o.k. one! Hope you like it! If it turns out to your satisfaction, i might do this for my future blogs as well o.o? We will see!

Oh and, i wont decipher the writings! Whats the fun in that!? But if your brain mass is less damaged than mine, youll figure it out quickly. xD I also think I made one little mistake when it comes to picking the characters, I think the academical ones will promptly correct me, so I wont tell it yet. I noticed it only now, when I looked a bit better at the writing. The word functions perfectly tho. So, yeah. Its a matter of accent.

Thank you for your time! \o/


Trinity Fan-Art by Unnar

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