Ill start my third blog as I started my second.. xD... so:

FIRST OF ALL, Id like to thank the wonderful Warframe community that keeps amazing me in a good way over and over again, even tho I dont think Ive been playing the game longer than a month. You guys always outdo yourselves when it comes to giving advices and tips. So many! I also noticed you have a Grammar-police and Literature-Club because I keep getting notices from them... xD But seriously, I dont think I encountered such friendly community since 2008 and Holic! And I even think youre better than those old ones! Oh darn! Dont want to jinx it! D: *panics*, *knocks on the wood*, *switches from his place*, * spits three times*..... xD. So, rest assured!, I shall do my best and continue your noble legacy! u__u! ... Ill try at least :'D. And I also got my 1st present :3! from Neaki-senpai~ Thanks once again! o/

So, Today I shall narrate about my clan adventures! \o/.... And actually, Id like to complain a bit about the chat window. I think its kind of, hmm.. I guess Im still not used to it, which is weird. Its kind of not quite optimal when it comes to user friendliness. In my eyes at least. I MIGHT BE WRONG! And Maybe I dont know all the commands, but 1st of all, the tabs... Theres too many when people start whispering for invites  when you host things. And theres a lot of them to begin with: squad, Clan, alliance, region, recruitment, trade, if youre in a relay: Relay, Whispers with friends... I really need to take my time next time, not do any missions and see what the options are around the chat interface. Im used to simple ones: Press enter to open chat/send a message, press T to reply to last whisper, and the usual shortcuts /g- for group, /l- for legion, /s- for normal, and etc! I hope warframe has some too! And Id also like to be able to arrange my tabs and content of each. Gotta check it out.

AND, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, I wouldnt have been "ME" If there wasnt at least SOMETHING giving me some extra pain! This time its about the chat, namely my " ^ " key... yes, that little satanic V ! Whenever I type anything, I mean ANYTHING, from the moment i need to write my password to your normal chat, the stupid ^ puts itself on 1st place of anything i write! It took me a while to notice it, since for the first two weeks i didnt really chat much. I just found it weird my password would be accepted only on 2nd try, every single time, even tho im sure i wrote it correctly. Than i noticed that, when i click my first key once, two stars appear. I proceeded to chat and saw the little spawn of Satan... funny thing, it appears only once for each new line. So to avoid it, id have to press T, and press some key that would activate the ^, than delete it, than write my message... or press T, press backspace, and write. But i dont do that, since im stubborn.. so you can easily recognize me by my chat. My lines looks like this:


Ôh did you know I totally failed my last mission!

^you did...? oh...

^No... well, yeah...

^I didnt realize my globe disappeared.

^They died a couple of times.. yeah...

Which is kinda annoying... since it looks like im always making reference to the line above mine.. xD.. I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO TO FIX IT! Reinstall? Its a pain tho... ;_; It happened on another game, similar thing... that time my "T" key didnt work... so I was replacing it with "D" and I sounded like I didnd have any frondh deedh... which was funny and i god deased a lod... I laughed doo. Everyone was asking me whads the name of dhad liddle parasidic insecd dhat sucks blood and swells up like a marble ...xD... Later on I had enough of it and i ripped the T key out, ripped the little silicon nipp out as well, cleaned it and the sensor with alcohol and it worked fine than. But this time the "satanic ^" is appearing exclusively in warframe... so im not sure...

Also, I dont want to summon it, but last night while i was recruiting for a Tower, people who whispered me, i didnt see their text... just a tab with their name and empty window. Later my real life friend also asked me why wasnt i replying to him. Took me a while to get it, but all his messages appeared at once, when i closed his tab, and when he sent a new one all of them appeared one after another... If this keeps on, i really might need to re-install.

Anyway, back to clan stuff! :3 - DOJO! <3 I like that place! Its classy, its sassy, its posh, its zen, its sacred, its, its bUtifal! :3 I Especially like the gardens!!! Ah, we have an autumn meadow <3, a water Lilly garden <3, a red-gated/lantern garden <3... theyre all so nice! And even tho theres , like 80% of unused space, there are some really useful features! Like trading, crafting special weps and warframes, and most importantly, DRUMS AND BELLS! xD ... I think I made my kubrow deaf... He's just... not the same since I went to dojo... :X

So, the clan Im in is made of mostly silent shy people :3... I recruited two clanmates tho when i was spending some Tower keys so we did them together in silent respect and friendliness. Theres not much activity overall, I guess its the fault of the gamestyle. While youre in a mission, you cant really stop and chat about. I too fail to reply most of the time when Clan tab turns orange. In MMORPGs its not an issue most of the time. I guess Im not used to RPGs yet. But I bet itd be different if I didnt have so many chat issues... Oh, Im also making a Phage in the dojo :§ I like how it looks, and i saw some guy had it, those rays are pretty when they meet together, and I also watched a youtube video about it :3

Ah, and I got myself a FROST! \o/ As I suspected, I like him a lot! I was always more the cool element type, I always liked water and cold over hot fire elements, in any game, or real life. I find all of his skills very useful :3 I use number 1 the least tho. I just prefer nr.2 over it :3 Cuz it prettier. One has longer range tho. And I LOVE snow globe! ... but my teammates were angry at me in T1D when i forgot to replace the globe for, like five-ten seconds... I still need too get a hang of that, since Normally it just lasts FOREVER, so i go around and look for Orokin Granny, and we make croissants together, and we bake them and eat them while theyre fresh and hot with warm cocoa. Than we bid adieu and I come back and replace the old globe with a new one. xD... I need to pay attention tho, when theres a lot of mobs, they destroy it faster. >.<

This time, i was there at the center, and the globe was up, and there were 20ish mobs in my face, or on my head... since Frost has a serving plate for a head, If i fail as a space ninja, Ill just look for a job as a waiter in a restaurant and carry out the plates and drinks to customers on my head... xD... anyway, I was shooting and slicing them , and i forgot about the globe and the guys were like: "ffs...FFS! FFS FROST! FFS! ffs!... FFFFFFFFFFFS!!! FROOOOST! FFS!!! ....dude...the globe...", and than i realised: " Ôh! Sorry! :O". So only one guy died and we ressed him, I used my lovely nr.4 a couple of times too and mobs died in no time. Than I asked them what did they mean when they said FFS... xD ... I got my answer: "^I see... xD... Alright! sorry, i got the frost today." They ended up being ok tho, since IT IS warframe! (<3) and said: "Yeah, we could tell, its ok." : ) I used forma on him too. I decided to max his energies, like the range, efficiency and max amount, since I love the globe, and number four, and I dont want to run out of it at any time. It takes care of everyone who comes too close pretty quickly. The rest i filled with vigor and some other, i think. Works fine for now ^^

Also, I got the 50% discount from daily log-in! And I bought a bit of platinum. :3 One pack of 370. I dont like to give too much for games. Makes me feel bad when Im not studying. xD...So, I bought lots of Warframe and weapon slots with this one, bought a color palette too! So happy now xD .. Its so much easier to breathe when I can pick my colors out of many. I think i spent 40 minutes coloring my stuff... xD I still got a lot of platinum left, so Ill keep it for future, and use it sparingly. I think Ill just get more slots.

Ah! And I also joined a syndicate! Some of you guys gave me lots of advices about it so, im trying it out! ^^ Im in New Loka! :3 Because they have augments for my favorite frames, AND because I like their Sigils the most! Theyre so much to my liking, I dont think Id change them in any way. Well, maybe a bit, but still! I like their style the most. It reminds me of some of the favorite parts of games and animes I used to play and watch. Like the Okami, or the Oban the Starracers, or .hack//, or Jak series with their Precursors. So Im taking it slowly and enjoying it. ive been doing some of their missions. Interception ones pain me a lot... xD But I manage! Neaki-senpai helped with some too <3. Im also looking forward to the Syndana more than Im looking forward to Augments... xD Cant help it.

Over the next days, Ill try to finally get some of the prime parts Im missing in order to craft some equipment. Like the Ember bp, a nova part, one rhino part, one Wyrm part! and well, we will see! ^^ Ah, Ill need some new secondary wep too : / The one I have now, the fire laser that came with the update with Tonkor and Daikyu, A-A-..Aksoma?... oh dear lord, not the Soma twins... xD Would be interesting, one Soma for each oh, there are the pistols Aksomata if i remember.... Anyway, im kinda bored of the laser, it does quick work but my hand started to look like a hand of Donald Duck when he hits it accidentally with a hammer... it even pulsates ... xD

So, thats it for today! \o/

See ya in a week! o/

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