Well haven;t seen anyone do a build for Opticor. So here i am plz don;t rage at me if you disagree or i made a mistake 

Forma needed: 6 (4 v and 2 -) or (3v and 3-) 

3V 3- build: serration heavy cali shred vile accer peircing cali 2 random elem mods spilt chamber

4v 2- build serration heavy cali shred speed trigger peircing cali/peircing hit 2 random elem mods spilt chamber


Serration shred and heavy cali is a must on Opticor.

Heavy cali increases damage and have min effect on the accuracy.

Serration : for damage, no explanation.

Shred : increases fire rate which decreases the charge time and the punchthrough kills mobs in a line.

2 elemental mods which depends on what fraction of mobs are you fighting.

piercing cali : if you have it or else add piercing hit. this mod futher increases puncture damage.

Vile accer or speed trigger: pick vile accer if u have piercing cali cuz the -15%  will be compensated by the 120% increase in puncture damage, so not a big deal. 

Split Chamber : which it bascily doubles the damage if it mutishots