• Vampiri

    So hi, this is Vampiri and i just wanna give you my take on the post U18 lore and the reveals
    made in the 2nd dream Quest. Be carefull this Blog will have MAJOR SPOILERS so if you don't want
    to know anything beforehand better close that tab right now.

    you still with me? good, then let us beginn. At first i wanna get a bit of terminology right
    Operator refers to the Kid operating the Warframe, whilst Frame refers to the Frame as a standalone
    entety. Tenno refers to both as an entety.

    So at first i wanna go over the Somatic Link. since Somatic comes from the latin word somnus meaning
    sleeping, I imagaine it to be some kind of dream State. The Operator Dreams to be the Frame.
    He in his 'Dream' becomes the Warframe, whilst loosing control over his Body. …

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  • Vampiri

    Hi, at first i think i should give a little introduction to myself and what excactly gives me the right to talk about the issue of powercreep in Warframe.

    I'm Vampiri and this is my 1st Blog. My english is mainly selftought so forgive me, if i make a few (or tons) of mistakes. Im not a game designer myself, but im a player(suprise), that loves to disect games and play them in an anlytic way thous gaining a bit of knowledge about gamedesign. If games are art, then i would be something akin to an art enthousiast. I have clocked 670 hours in Warframe, playing since U7. Im not an expert by any means, but maybe my 50ct can be helpfull.

    Powercreep.. We all know it's there, but i think this term powercreep' is thrown around a bit to often. We have al…

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