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Side View

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Front View

Not the best of my designs, but here goes... These power armor are commonly used by the Grineer and Corpus engineers as mining suits, equipped with an array of mining equipment such as plasma cutters and are randomly strewn across the respective Grineer and Corpus maps Naturally, we improvise and hijack these suits in order to augment the powers of the warframes. Balancing would of course be required to make players want to try them on, yet not turn them into invincible murderbots. Somewhere along the lines of:


Reduced movement speed

Probably reduced jumping height

Weapons are default; however stats and mods applied to warframe weapons are transferred to default weapons, hence the only drawback is there is no changing the type of weapon used (ie. No shotgun, bow)

Slightly slower melee speed

Melee weapons act like a primary or secondary and are equipped once you choose them; therefore reduced speed in changing weapons


Slight increase to health, not shields?

Shockwave AoE when ground-slamming (think Thumper box trap)

Slight increase in firepower, according to base damage

Gliding for short distances

Thanks to the people in the Warframe forum: for the link to the full thread, click here[1] 

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