I already wrote this in the Forums, but I'd like to write it here aswell.

A couple of things I noticed from my time with Lunaro:

- Attacking the Goalkeeper

If you attack the Goalkeeper while your teammate is shooting, good work.

If you spend the entire match around the Goalkeeper attacking him, you're not only annoying, but also a detriment to your team, you could do so much more.

- Offense spamming

If you are playing against a bad to midclass team, chances are you get an unfair advantage by attacking right after a goal (meaning grabbing the ball as soon as it spawns in their zone) if your up against a good team, you might enable them to rush you. So either way, just don't.

- Unbalanced Teams

Yesterday I played a match with randoms and we ended up in the second half with 3 against 1 players and 10 goals in the lead. I told my teammates I'm going to the bench for fairness and started meditating on one of the pillars, so my team kicked me (I shot 9 of those 10 goals btw) so I got no points. If you have fun ganging up on one player after his teammates have left, fine, but don't force me to join in.

- Ragequitting

There needs to be way more of an incentive to see games through, I can't remember one match where everyone stayed for the entire game. 3 to 1 in the second half? People in the losing team just quit. If you get absolutely decimated, fine, but stop leaving games you might lose, but still have a chance to win, how do you expect to get any better at the game?

I absolutely love Lunaro, after not relly liking conclave, but the attitude of most players I meat really disgusts me.

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