"At least give unto me the honour... have I not earned that?" - The Corpus soldier laid below him, his orange jump suit torn and strife, a single red stain adding to the miserable condition of his clothing.  The soldier's hand wrapped around the blacken steel shaft of an arrow, the head firmly lodged into the wall on which the man rested.  "Well?" - his voice was laboured, each breath strained as his lungs tried to draw air - a foreign object in their way.  

The figure simply looked down at him, unlatching the magnetic hold onto his sidearm.  His fingers slowly enclosed on the handguns grip, the clawlike hands clutching the pistol's grip, as he outstretched his arm - aiming the barrel towards the fallen man.  With his other hand, he brought up to his face - "Shh..." the only sound exited his mouth.  "...No more words..." 

The Corpus solider simply looked up at the man, never releasing his stare.  One hand slowly rose up his side, towards the side of the helm - a gentle burst of air escaped as the soliders helmet unlatched itself, pulling back.  A young man, mid twenties sat with tears running down his face, his brown eyes clouded red from his distress.  Crimson red stained his upper lip... he opened his mouth, to speak again ".. I...I am Alex" the poor man spoke, the strain clear in his face.  

The other figure simply sighed; he kept the pistol aimed down at the soldier.  A gentle blue line appeared down the straight of the helmet, as air whispered out of the mask.  More blue, almost energetic lines began to appear along the suit's helm - each one pulling further and further back, until at last the man's face appeared behind the mask.  His features obstructed in the darkness, nothing to be seen.  The man's shadows moved, as a single hushed word escaped his lips - almost too faint to hear over the soldier's laboured breaths ... "....Volt..." - And within the instant, a flash of light erupted from the mouth of the pistol.  It's load escaping the container, as it sped forward - the round digging deeply into the poor man's head, his entire body dropping limp.  His head jolted back as the round entered, the back of his skull making a resounding quake as it bounced from the wall, drooping forwards.  

It didn't matter, no... not at all.  Alex? Yes, Alex was his name... that's what he said, wasn't it?  It only happened for a split-second, but still... it was long enough.  He saw his face, as the flash of death exited the barrel of his pistol, it showed Alex the man's face.  That's what he wanted, to see the man who would end him.  It was the very least Volt could do.  He did put up a fight, after all.  Yes, he fought to the end... He dropped the pistol, letting it clatter to the ground.  Volt slunched over, dropping himself along the wall next to the freshly fallen soldier.  His hand slid up the side of the suit... reaching... until he twitched, and jerked.  "Ha... how could I have been so careless..." he sighed, a grimace at the same time as his hand pressed against the wound.  How could he have known his shields would fail at that very moment... "... damn" - it escaped his lips, not so much unexpected... as it was... required.  His head dropped, leaning forward into the light.  The caculating gaze of his iced blue eyes seem to glaze over, twitching... searching for something, someway to survive.  He couldn't find it... it just... didn't exist.


He laughed, just a bit before the crimson liquid spilled from his mouth... a smile spreading on his angled face.

"... Damn it..."

He coughed, and hunched forward - his eyes closing.

That... close... and he had lost.   

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