(So this story takes place after the first "In Medias Res" - when the Tenno are making their first re-appearence into the Solar System.  Some things I've changed, some I haven't.  For instance, in my versions the Tenno are Orokins -humans whom are cybernetically enhanced with the Technocyte virus which allows them to control and operate the Warframes.  They are a genetic match for their individual warframe, and through the course of the events in the stories will passively gain their memories back after being in cryostatis for so long.  *The infested are also infected with the Technocyte virus, however they lacked the proper genetic match for it, and as a result the virus consumed them.)

She hit the ground with an echoing thud, bits of dust and debris flying up.  This was the final straw, the battle had gone on long enough - she was through being trifled with.  The Crewman simply looked down at her from afar, his MOA's having successfully thrown her back into the shaded area of the locker room.  She'd thought herself stealthly, having snuck so far within the ship - bypassing the numerous cameras that lined the halls and corridors; at least, that was until He'd seen her.  The Crewman just had happened to be in the same room when he saw her, rummaging through the lockers, no doubt searching for an access key.  She was talking to herself in a hushed whisper - something about an orokin artifact, and... a flower? Lotus was it?  No matter...

It only took him a few seconds to realize she was one of them, a Tenno.  These supposed ancient warriors who had awoken after millenia.  He always remembered hearing the crew speak of them at mess hall, tales of tales so long ago, myths and legends which were meant to scare children... were they truly real?  Theses... agesless warriors without mercy?  No, no... they couldn't be as the myths protrayed.  The Crewman was sweating, his eyes darted around the room.  How long had he been lost in thought?  Where was She?  He raised his rifle, aiming towards the shadows where she had fallen.  A thick finger of the glove he wore, inching towards the trigger - and almost as on cue the MOAs positioned themselves and aimed for the very same Shadow.  She was there, he knew it... theres no where else should could have gone...

He pulled down on the trigger.

It was a sound he would always remember, the whirring of the internal electrical parts charging in the gun.  That always bright, piercing light erupting from the mouth of the rifle - it held no mercy, boring down any who obstructed its path.  As if on cue, the MOA's fired, short but steady beams of plasma readily firing at the location his sights hit.  The combined beams lit the room like a fire, forcing the darkness to cower and crawl away leaving just a shadowed figured against the wall, she was there - he knew it, there was no way she could survive.  Not all of this, no matter how great a "Tenno" she must be.

A vicious smile expanded on his face, as he left off the trigger.  The constant whirring coming to a cease, as the darkness spread around the room again.  

It hit.  

He wasn't sure what happened, but it did.  Three of the Five MOAs around him exploded in flames, becoming completely engulfed and collasping.  The next two MOA's followed suit not even a second later, the flames flickering and waving.  The sheer heat burned him, his eyes wide - searching the flickering light for anything, any reasons to have caused this.  

It was her.  

Her figure appeared from the depths of the darkness, at first an almost fainted orange glow - a thin trace outlining a rough feminine figure.  It too exploded, a mass of orange and gold flame, licking the walls and ceiling, crawling out to reach and consume anything in it's path.  At the heart of the flames, it was her.  The Tenno woman, her figure seemed to burn with the intense fury of a wild star - fueling the fire that spread and burned all within its radius.  

Her hand raised towards him, from the palm he saw it all.  He lived a good life, for what it was worth - he thought at least.  He was a good soldier, excelled in his training, was taught how to survive on harsh planets... but nothing would have ever prepared him to stare into the heart of Hell itself.  He saw the debris of the room catch flame, the very air itself grew warmer, and warmer until fire itself sparked in mid air.  The final thing he saw was a bliding light from her direction, the whole room lighting up as the air itself lit into a fireball.  He knew this was the end, they wouldn't even have a body to bury.  Vaporized.

She lowered her hand, and clenched it.  The massive fire disappearing within the newly refreshed air, smoke still rising from the surroundings materials.  Anything that wasnt metal had been vaporized, completely disintergrated by the heat.  She had no other option, he was going to kill her... but still... all of that had drained her suits energy reserves.  She looked down, a hand raising the pointed index, down at the Crewman's ashes - orange lines appearing along the face of her helmet as it split open and retracted back.  Her amber eyes in a deadset stare, as a smile spread across her tanned face, her smooth features glowing in the ambient light - in an almost overzealous joy she shouted "And now you see why they call me Ember!....Bitch!" with a satisfied laugh she resumed position, the face of her helm coming back together and sealing up.  Ember glanced around, looking at the doorway... a more serious expression taking place, with only one thought now occupying her mind... Where the hell was Volt?

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