Enabled manual configuration of network ports in options menu to allow multiple players on the same LAN.
Several balancing tweaks to Rifles and Pistols. More Details Here: https://forums.warfr..._40#entry114064 Sped up weapon swap times.
Fixed boss kill counts not tracking properly in stats.
Leaper should no longer jump through walls.
Fixed issue with Rhino Stomp breaking if an enemy is just killed before the stomp.
Fixed an issue with Loki Switch Teleport breaking if a target dies at right moment.
Fixed osprey exhaust effect.
Fixed an issue with Crawlers standing upright when shot.
Fixed an issue with Snow Globe persisting if user dies and then revives while it is active.
Fixed poison clouds persisting after they've expired for clients.
Resolution should now save properly when switching from fullscreen to windowed mode.
Fixed a UI error displaying incorrect resolution in options menu.
Excalibur Radial Javelin + Nyx Absorb no longer kills nearby Clients.
Chargers killed with freeze damage should now properly ragdoll.
Fixed a case where the player could be stuck finding squads.
Fixed Bolto projectiles firing in the wrong direction when standing close to an object.
Active squads count now properly shows matches from the appropriate region.
Improved loading times for large levels.
Fix for melee AI having issues attacking larger targets.
AI should no longer target invisible players.
Bolto projectiles should now be less affected by lag and more reliable at hitting targets.
Radial Disarm should no longer de-level the enemy to level 1.
Log file should no longer receive error spam when using Nyx.
Fixed some enemy ragdolls not despawning properly.
Corrected Shuriken accuracy, especially on higher FOV settings.
Radial Javelin should now target airborne enemies properly.
Hot-Hotfix: 5:00 PM EST
Ash Shuriken crash fixed!
Hot-Hot-Hotfix: 6:45 PM EST
Idle Warframe Animation no longer breaks head/neck.
Squad count fixed.
Frozen Leaper animation for Client fixed.
Lato Mods are now Compatible with Lato Prime.

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