• Vitor.vilasanchez

    So! after a long time away from posting blogs here I'm back! And making kind of a parody of another blog here no less!

      please don't kill me for my terrible parkour 2.0 fails and sorry for the low quality footage, it was recorded in one go without editing.

    oh! and edit here: thanks for the Lone Tenno( for correcting my misspelling of Knuckles

    Yeah, I know Darthmufin did a great job at tying parkour 2.0, the cape and a cool idea. But(not uranus) I was farming for Fire Walker thingamabobby(ok, this is in uranus) listening to (30 minutes of) Knuckle's theme from sonic adventure(the music in the video) and the idea hit me "couldn't I make a 'Knuckles frame' in game?". And the first contender came directly into mind as the rubedo pl…

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  • Vitor.vilasanchez

    I was playing with my Dera this week and started to think about it's accuracy while in game with heavy caliber.

    1-There's heavy cal that give us damage in exchange for lowered accuracy on rifles

    2-That MAY be nice if the weapon doens't get too affected by the accuracy reduction(the good ol' soma, tetra, and some others)

    3-There isn't any mod that counters that(no accuracy raising mods :( )

    4-I started to feel a hindrance on some weapons that i like( i find that dera's accuracy drop WAY more than it should)

    TL;DR --> Why don't the devs introduce a mod that strengths a weapon's accuracy? I would love to use my Supra with decent accuracy even with the trade-off of having one less mod space ):

    Share some light on this by saying if you think the devs…

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  • Vitor.vilasanchez

    Hey there, I was thinking to myself "How are the other players felling the experience of melee 2.0?" and decided to make a Blog to get the wiki community changing ideas and experiences about melee 2.0

     Got stance mods you like the best? Tell us why!

    Got a melee type you find cooler? Just write bellow. Any crazy thinking came along with U13? Feel free to express! I'll start: I got an idea to start making no skill builds for some warframes to try and make "melee-only" runs(mostly solo, I'm a forever alone ): ) and using melee mechanics as my  only mean of getting more survivability. I've  started with Ash and Oberon builds along with a no-stance Dragon Nikana with life strike. Share your thoughts on my crazy little idea and tell me what are yo…

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  • Vitor.vilasanchez

    So, I'm sure everybody is already knowing about 


    Grate Prime on the next Tenno Reinforcements.

    I just wanna know your thoughts on the case, like how many formas should i spend on mine or like if it will be worth spending plat on cosmetics for my Grate Prime!

    to those who havan't seen it: If you're lazy but wanna know about Grate Prime click here!

    ( just a blog to have the community interacting and talking their thoughts about jokes in game and related to this great F2P that we all know and love)

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