I was playing with my Dera this week and started to think about it's accuracy while in game with heavy caliber.

1-There's heavy cal that give us damage in exchange for lowered accuracy on rifles

2-That MAY be nice if the weapon doens't get too affected by the accuracy reduction(the good ol' soma, tetra, and some others)

3-There isn't any mod that counters that(no accuracy raising mods :( )

4-I started to feel a hindrance on some weapons that i like( i find that dera's accuracy drop WAY more than it should)

TL;DR --> Why don't the devs introduce a mod that strengths a weapon's accuracy? I would love to use my Supra with decent accuracy even with the trade-off of having one less mod space ):

Share some light on this by saying if you think the devs should make us a corrupted mod for this, a rare mod or even by changing the nature of Vile Precision

And as a bonus,(more like I need a helping hand) let's talk about weapon mechanics!

I love Burston Prime, started to like Latron Prime, and I almost hate most of my weapons because of how they feel in-gam ):

I love the way Supra, Scindo, Dera and Vectis look, and I can manage to play with them while not feeling weak

I used to love Gorgon, had hopes for the wraith but both make me feel too weak on the field.

Reason for this discussion: I started to feel bored by using the same weapons over and over and over when play some of the missions for farming(voids, ceres survival, etc...) and this limits my enjoyment of this beautyfull game we all know and love. 

Share your thoughts on the matter, what weapons do you, fellow tenno, think are cool playing with? What weapons give you that rewarding feeling of doing enougth damage to make it's cool looking design be moar awsome? Sorry for any misspelling and grammatical errors along this blog, hope you guys understoond what I had to say.

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