So! after a long time away from posting blogs here I'm back! And making kind of a parody of another blog here no less!

Become Knucles the Echidna with parkour 202:29

Become Knucles the Echidna with parkour 2.0

  please don't kill me for my terrible parkour 2.0 fails and sorry for the low quality footage, it was recorded in one go without editing.

oh! and edit here: thanks for the Lone Tenno( for correcting my misspelling of Knuckles

Part 1- The idea

Yeah, I know Darthmufin did a great job at tying parkour 2.0, the cape and a cool idea. But(not uranus) I was farming for Fire Walker thingamabobby(ok, this is in uranus) listening to (30 minutes of) Knuckle's theme from sonic adventure(the music in the video) and the idea hit me "couldn't I make a 'Knuckles frame' in game?". And the first contender came directly into mind as the rubedo plated skin sat unused for far too long.

Part 2- The choices

Rhino had everything I needed to recreate Knuckles, he is tanky so he can charge head(or fists) first into battle and don't care about those many pesky Grakatas. My weapon of choice(although not much of a choice) was the Mk1-Furax for it was the only fist weapon sitting in my inventory. Even with the temporary solution of the Mk1 furax the first run went quite well, I had only the need to tweek my builds for a better survivability.

I used the arcane vanguard for more speed so I could "GATA GO FAST" as Knuckles(not as fast a sanic tho). and my builds are as follows:

WARFRAME 09 08 2015 09 29 00

unpotatoed and inexpensive, you too can become Knuckles today!

WARFRAME 09 08 2015 09 29 50

not the Rhino, takes 3 days to craft and might take some formas too...

this for the fists

this for the red sanic

Part 3- The excuse for the title + Bonus- The community tie-in

When thinking about where to share this illumination I had no better place than here, and no more creativity than to steal so greedily someone's idea of a title!

And now to create a constructive discussion! Has U17 helped you recreate a loadout that represents something dear to you guys? How are you people experiencing parkour 2.0? Please, share you favorite loadout to go bunny hopping you way thru the origin system in hope of luring the Oculysts. Or your most cool loking loadout! or wherever!

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