Hey there, I was thinking to myself "How are the other players felling the experience of melee 2.0?" and decided to make a Blog to get the wiki community changing ideas and experiences about melee 2.0

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Why not?

 Got stance mods you like the best? Tell us why!

Got a melee type you find cooler? Just write bellow. Any crazy thinking came along with U13? Feel free to express! I'll start: I got an idea to start making no skill builds for some warframes to try and make "melee-only" runs(mostly solo, I'm a forever alone ): ) and using melee mechanics as my 

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And finally the sword alone

only mean of getting more survivability. I've 
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started with Ash and Oberon builds along with a no-stance Dragon Nikana with life strike. Share your thoughts on my crazy little idea and tell me what are you enjoyng most in this update!(BTW sorry for any grammar mistakes, I'm a Brazilian Tenno and english is not my native language)

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