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    Power Efficiency Research

    September 2, 2013 by Voqualin

    Research on Power Efficiency [currently being done] by Voqualin, NixonSoo, Zelklen, and some anonymous contributors, and documented by Voqualin. Research on Power Efficency from beforeHotifx 8.2 (mechanics change) can be found in Talk:Power Efficiency (previous contributors were Zelklen, Brane Ded, and Laevateinn).

    The cost progression tables have been moved here from Power Efficiency, to keep that page simple and to the point, while retaining a record of the testing that has been done here.

    As of update 8.2 Streamline reduces ability costs by the percent value shown on the mod. Testing shows that alternate helmets also reduce ability costs linearly.

    How to fill out a cost progression table row:

    Use a max level Warframe and a max level Flow modul…

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