• I was born on June 2
  • My occupation is Game Programmer
  • I am Male
  • VxrZeta

    Before you start reading the following wall of text below, I apologize in advance for any misinformation and information that I may have missed.

    With that said, stealth in Warframe has undergone several changes, for both good and bad. This however, will mostly point out my problems with the current mechanics of sneaking around the solar system. Here are those problems:

    • Freshly Spawned Stealth Penalty; Back when the AI was still quite oblivious to corpses and enemies dying right next to them and Focus was still new, there exists an alternative method to farm a large amount of affinity with little time spent other than Draco's Interception. That method was to run Exterminate missions with Invis-Frames (Ash, Ivara, Loki) and a killing weapon of…
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