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  • Waldmeisterwürfel

    I read a lot of Blogs and some of them were about enemies attacking your dojo. 

    I will add every Idea which improves this blog (not instantly).

    Sorry for bad english I am german

    I have some Ideas to improve this Ideas:

    This room alows you to attack Grineer/Corpus/Infested ships. But, if you build this your dojo can be attacked by enemies, this room requires the Cold-storage (room where your defensive troops "live").

    When built you have acces to a weapon which shoots a special projectile (these things which corrupted have at their heads) You need a high number of defensive troops to have access to the hangar. Room can be upgraded to have a higher amount of defense troops. Once this one is built, in every room there will be one or two alarm conso…

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