I read a lot of Blogs and some of them were about enemies attacking your dojo. 

I will add every Idea which improves this blog (not instantly).

Sorry for bad english I am german

I have some Ideas to improve this Ideas:


This room alows you to attack Grineer/Corpus/Infested ships. But, if you build this your dojo can be attacked by enemies, this room requires the Cold-storage (room where your defensive troops "live").


When built you have acces to a weapon which shoots a special projectile (these things which corrupted have at their heads) You need a high number of defensive troops to have access to the hangar. Room can be upgraded to have a higher amount of defense troops. Once this one is built, in every room there will be one or two alarm consoles

Orokin robots

You can build 5 types of robots:

  1. Assassine: Weapon: Melee. Very high mobility, high vitality, low armor. Abitlities: invisibility, decoy, teleport.
  2. Tank: Weapon: laser minigun, can vaporize. Low mobility, high vitality, high shields, high armor. Abilities: rhino stomp, rhino charge, roar.
  3. Marksman: weapon: High powered energy sniper. Low health, high mobility. Abilities: can set up traps (tesla, mines, bounces, etc.), turns almost invincible when he does not move for 4 seconds.
  4. Summoner: Weapon: Assault rifle. High mobility, high shields, low armor, moderate health, resistent to flames. Abilities: can summon little mobile turrets, mind control (once controled it will get one of your defensive troops), chaos.
  5. Supporter: Weapon: Akimbo pistols. Moderate health, moderate shields, low armor. Abilities: gives both offensive and defensive buffs, confuses or disarms enemies.

These robots are in capsules in the ceiling and floor, if the alarm is triggered by defensive forces, these capsules will open and the robots will seek out and destroy the grineer/corpus/infested.


Once you have built your defensive troops barracks you can build the turret server, this room alows you to build at least 4 turrets in each room to defend your reactors, labs and barracks. Turrets will focus enemy heavy units (corpus techs and grineer napalm/bombard/gunners) and Ancient healers (because they will annoy your troops so much [I mean you shoot him and then he heals, and so on]).

Offensive troops

When you have your Cold-storage and your hangar, you can let your dojo sensors search for nearby enemy ships. if one is in range you can attack it with your troops. Each of your corrupted will have faction-specific passives:

Corpus: Increases loot, because they are very efficient and greedy

Grineer: Increasing the dmg output of your gun and the guns of your corrupted

Infested: Will swarm your enemies, increase your speed, ancients will be bullet sponges for your enemies.

You can only take 15 corrupted of each faction with you:

heavys count as two corrupted

three infested count as one corrupted

infested ancients count as two corrupted.

Let's say you attacked a lvl 50 grineer ship, and you collected 4000 nanospores, 3 neurodes and a lot of other stuff. You and all other tenno from the mission will get these resources and the same amount will go into your dojos vault.

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