• WarframeKosen

    Hello fellow tenno, Kosen again to talk about the stances for dual daggers Gnashing Payara and Sinking Talon.

    To be honest, this is the first time I saw this: THE UNCOMMUN STANCE IS BETTER THAN THE RARE ONE, at least in my opinion.

    Well, lets compare right away:

    Sinking Talon: It has incredible fast combos, even without fury (tested in all double daggers I have: Fangs and Ether daggers); can stagger enemies, and is super badass. You swing the daggers like you began to have a ragequit, much like the hysterical Valkyr (bad pun intended); and you admit it, is charming to do the Shoryuken from Street Fighters with a dagger while channeling. As for the other one...

    Gnashing Payara: Is not bad, however, its combos makes very stiff the rapid and fluid…

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  • WarframeKosen

    Hello tenno, a now calmed Kosen is now speaking (I swear I won't rage here again)

    I've now have in my... hands... sort of speak... both stance mods for the dragon/nikana; both Tranquil Cleave, and Decisive Judgement, and after playing for a bit with the last one, I've began to question myself: "Was it really worth it?" And after thinking about it, this is my anwser: IT DEPPENDS OF HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO NIKANA.

    Yes, this mod is actually a choice of preference, a preference between style and flow; "why" you ask? well, let us compare:

    Tranquil Cleave: This one have the most combos out of the two, and every combo have porpuse: normal swings for moderate damage, fast swings to stagger enemies, heavy swings for heavies, and "reverse" swings for crowd c…

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  • WarframeKosen

    I've been playing warframe since it became an open beta, and since then, I watched it grow to the beast today is, sure it has it flaws and tooth broking moments (like when you have to go to xini to get the banshee helmet), but at least it was... kinda fair. I don't if you understand me but, when you get those special mods/blueprints, you felt you earned then... But now with U13, they made the only "bad" thing in warframe, wich is grinding, into the bad thing in warframe: GRINDING STANCES.

    I love M2.0, I really do, but the fact that you have to FARM FOR THE ONLY THING THAT CAN MAKE MELEE INTERESTING is frustrating, not only that, most of them (if not all) takes almost FOREVER to find. And what's worse the recent crashes, didn't help much.

    Yeah, b…

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