Hello tenno, a now calmed Kosen is now speaking (I swear I won't rage here again)

I've now have in my... hands... sort of speak... both stance mods for the dragon/nikana; both Tranquil Cleave, and Decisive Judgement, and after playing for a bit with the last one, I've began to question myself: "Was it really worth it?" And after thinking about it, this is my anwser: IT DEPPENDS OF HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO NIKANA.

Yes, this mod is actually a choice of preference, a preference between style and flow; "why" you ask? well, let us compare:

Tranquil Cleave: This one have the most combos out of the two, and every combo have porpuse: normal swings for moderate damage, fast swings to stagger enemies, heavy swings for heavies, and "reverse" swings for crowd control, meaning the versatility of the mod is quite big, besides making you look badass; however, is kinda stiff (in my opinion), making hard to attack to the next way of enemies the cross my line of view. In the other hand....

Decisive Judgement: Yes, it doesn't have that many combos, however, every attack connects with the enemy I point very quickly (again, my opinion), making melee fights more quickly and fluid (at the exchance of looking kinda... well, fabulous, in some moves). You allways spin, no matter wich time of attack, giving you that momentum you need for those ways of enemies.

Again, both Traquil Cleave and Decisive Judgement are good stances, but like with Crossing Snakes and Swirling Tiger, you should pick the stance you want by the "effect" (let's call it that way) you want in your combos.

Thanks for reading this, and tell your oppinion please.