Hello fellow tenno, Kosen again to talk about the stances for dual daggers Gnashing Payara and Sinking Talon.

To be honest, this is the first time I saw this: THE UNCOMMUN STANCE IS BETTER THAN THE RARE ONE, at least in my opinion.

Well, lets compare right away:

Sinking Talon: It has incredible fast combos, even without fury (tested in all double daggers I have: Fangs and Ether daggers); can stagger enemies, and is super badass. You swing the daggers like you began to have a ragequit, much like the hysterical Valkyr (bad pun intended); and you admit it, is charming to do the Shoryuken from Street Fighters with a dagger while channeling. As for the other one...

Gnashing Payara: Is not bad, however, its combos makes very stiff the rapid and fluid daggers; yes, is more precise and have a bigger chance to stagger enemies, but if can't connect well my next attack, it won't matter (and yes, I added fury... still stiff). This is the kind of stance you would like to use for a "serious battle"... in terms of roll play with your friends, because it really looks that you know where to cut the enemy,like a boss. But I can't find real usefulness, again, in my opinion.

I allways grew that daggers are fast and deadly, and while I felt the "deadlyness"(?) in Gnashing Payara, Sinking Talon just works better, at least for me, in not only that, but in the speed category too; believe me, you should stick more with Sinking Talon for your daggers tenno, it will work better, and you'll have fun while cutting the crap out of enemies. 

Again, this is just my opinion and recomendation, you can use Gnashing Payara, it just didn't work for me. Hope you liked it, and comment your thoughts on this. ^^

[PS: if anybody could help me by telling me how those works in the Fang Prime, I'll really apreciate it. ^^]

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