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    I realized that some of the prices for selling weapons changed with one of the recent updates.

    Some of the prices in this Wiki are totally missing so I wanted to start a table of weapons and their prices when sold.

    I don't own every weapon in the game so if you have an addition to the table just answer and I'll update the table and copy the prices to the weapon articles.

    It seems like every primary is priced 7,500 and Melee and Secondary 5,000, but I need some proof for that. The Akstiletto is an exception with 2,500.


    Weapon Price
    Amprex 7,500
    Attica 7,500

    Boar Prime

    Boltor 7,500
    Boltor Prime 7,500

    Braton Prime

    Braton Vandal


    Burston Prime


    Cernos 7,500

    Drakgoon 7,500
    Dread 7,500
    Flux Rifle

    Glaxion 7,500

    Gorgon Wraith …

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