• WhiteFlames

    Lunaro epic moments

    June 20, 2016 by WhiteFlames

    So this is an idea mainly to encourage people to at least not hate the new PvP mode as we show them some of the great moments we had in our games. Because lunaro is ball game after all and it has that type of enthusiasm like other popular sports such as Football, Soccer and Basketball which even if you don't try to play it because of the bugs and matchmaking you're still going to be entertained by just watching it.

    Now I know that all of us end up with unbalanced matches which either result in massive score for any side, thus I'm not considering any of these moments if the match is unbalanced. However, if you that the match fair enough or you're doing great job even against 3 or 4 people then it's cool to show off your epic moments.

    Also I'm…

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