• Wikingking

    So I was thinking with one of my friends I use to play Warframe about how awesome would be to have additional mod slots for certain weapons/suits. We all share that frustration when you have to choose between Hellfire, Cryo Rounds and Ammo Mutations while gearing your Soma :) Of course, certain mod settings are part of the fun and the tactics, but this game is about grinding (or used to be, much less grinding is needed nowadays. Unlocked Ash from 3 runs today, LOL). So just for fun, here're my suggestions:

    - You may have a maximum of 2 (two) additional mod slots for whichever warframe or weapon you'd like to.

    - An additonal mod slot can be obtained by having a polarity on every mod slot on selected suit/item. Weapons with more default polarit…

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