So I was thinking with one of my friends I use to play Warframe about how awesome would be to have additional mod slots for certain weapons/suits. We all share that frustration when you have to choose between Hellfire, Cryo Rounds and Ammo Mutations while gearing your Soma :) Of course, certain mod settings are part of the fun and the tactics, but this game is about grinding (or used to be, much less grinding is needed nowadays. Unlocked Ash from 3 runs today, LOL). So just for fun, here're my suggestions:

- You may have a maximum of 2 (two) additional mod slots for whichever warframe or weapon you'd like to.

- An additonal mod slot can be obtained by having a polarity on every mod slot on selected suit/item. Weapons with more default polarities have advantages, as you may only polarize the rest.

- After polarizing all the slots, you may add a new mod slot, the same way you can install a potatoe or add a forma after reaching lvl30.

- By creating a new mod slot, you instantly sending back your item to ground zero, which means it'll have the default stats (like if it was freshly made in the foundry, unranked, with default polarities only. Keeps catalyst/reactor though, as it has nothing to do with this process).

- Adding the second new slot requires the same, so this time you'll need to polarize one more slot (the new one as well).

- This whole process might need some other (new?) material or item to craft and install, dunno. I think those 6-8 formas are just enough though :D

So what do you say?! Funny, eh? :D

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