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    How are you gentelmen?

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    New enemy idea!

    October 4, 2013 by Wishseeker

    I can see you guys there add your idea about wepons and warframes, but how about new enemies? So, there we go!

    Greener Elite Gunner :

    •  Look like Heavy Gunner, but metal parts are much bigger and creepy, and have with self plasma machine-gun (Oo). Or it's just a robot.
    • Plasma machine-gun - deadly Greener heavy wepon, works like machine-gun, but fining plasma and require more time to reach optimal firing rate.
    • Plasma - It's like laser, but have bigger bullets and little slower flight time.


    • High health.
    • Very hight damage.
    • Bullets penetrate throught shields (70% dmg goes to shields, 30% - to hp).
    • Have a good chance to stun you with every bullet (like 60%-100% chance and 0.3-1.5sec).
    • Knockback/stun immune.
    • Doesn't stop firing even if you come cl…

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