I can see you guys there add your idea about wepons and warframes, but how about new enemies? So, there we go!

Greener Elite Gunner :

  •  Look like Heavy Gunner, but metal parts are much bigger and creepy, and have with self plasma machine-gun (Oo). Or it's just a robot.
  • Plasma machine-gun - deadly Greener heavy wepon, works like machine-gun, but fining plasma and require more time to reach optimal firing rate.
  • Plasma - It's like laser, but have bigger bullets and little slower flight time.



  • High health.
  • Very hight damage.
  • Bullets penetrate throught shields (70% dmg goes to shields, 30% - to hp).
  • Have a good chance to stun you with every bullet (like 60%-100% chance and 0.3-1.5sec).
  • Knockback/stun immune.
  • Doesn't stop firing even if you come closer.


  • Have minium lvl 100.
  • Very low spin-up time.
  • Slow moving speed.
  • Have no shields.
  • Bullets have travel time, give you chance to avoid them.
  • Doesn't have alternate attack (this is not really disadvantage, becouse Elite Gunner doesn't need it).


  • Gives a high-lvl players new enemy to fight (can't appear in less than 100-lvl maps).
  • Becouse of Knockback/stun immune you can't just overstun and kill it with Skana(like other heavy units).
  • Becouse of shields penetration you also need  health.
  • Becouse of big stun chance and penetration you can't just stand and firing with it.
  • So, you need new tactics to play!

Okay, this is my first "Idea" blog, so don't be so mad or so=)

Please, add your comments, and your new enemies ideas!

P.S. Adding autofiring weapon (like miniguns on shoulders of units), that can fire even if heavy unit knocked down also impove difficulty of killing them.

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