So alot of my friends and players in general have been complaining about the Greedy Mag nerf, saying she is "useless" and "has lost her late game value." I have one question. Have they forgotten that each Warframe has 4 abilities? Designed to be used in tandem with other frame's, or their own abilites? Ember has her Accelerant and Fireball, Limbo his Cataclysm and Rift Surge, Mag and Nova their Crush and Molecular Prime, etc.


The augment that "made" Mag.

Plus, Mag has Shield Polarize, which when used and modded correctly, is incredibly beneficial. Restoring allies shields, and draining X% shields to do X amount of damage is crazy! Having any Corpus be pretty much naked at the click of a button is insanely good! So what if we can't have Greedy Mag/Mesa being comboed so effectively we might as well ship it! Mag still is effective. I guess she'll be hanging with Limbo, Banshee, Volt, and Zephyr in the "misunderstood and stupid powerful" zone.

Yes this was a short blog, but it needed to be said that Mag wasn't defined by Greedy Pull.

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