I haven't been playing Warframe that long (started around the debut of Nova Prime) but I have noticed something that is a bit of a problem. An overwhelming majority of warframe players are too serious. I can't go into a game of defense or survival or even just exterminate without players who are trying to do things the most efficient way in the fastest time. Which I get sometimes you need to think seriously, but that is how you begin to suffer burnout. If you play seriously all the time and don't lay back and do something ridiculous, you lose the experience of the game. For instance, my friends and I recently did a T4 Survival and instead of bringing a Nekros and a Loki and Hydroid and a Trinity, we all took Valkyr with our favorite melee weapon and tried to survive for an hour (and yes we didn't kill Vor). It was frustrating sure, but we laughed and had fun, and no matter what you think that is what games are about. Laughing and enjoying time with friends. We need to realize that we shouldn' t take it so seriously and relax and laugh. Bring a Lato to a T4 or to the raid. DO SOMTHING WACKY AND ILLOGICAL. 

Sorry if there are any grammar issues and if it is short. This is my first attempt at a blog post, and I hope I got my message across.

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