We usually go exterminate before to farm focus points but due to recent patches we can no longer stack up mobs nor kill an enemy right next to his ally w/o messing up the stealth counter

This time, I tried to go deception instead of exterminate (grineer deception missions are more preferable in my opinion as enemy spawn locations are much closer to each other when you reach the objective) and played for 20-30mins gaining same amounts when i do exterminates before.

Dont restart the whole mission if you break your stealth counter since enemy would easilly spawn a room next to the objective and rack up your stealth counter again

just like any other guides on stealth farm----

use duration loki and a high damage melee with primed reach(or reach if you dont have it) 


I broke my stealth counter multiple times in this run but meh, 40k in 25-30mins... imagine if you didnt break yours....


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