I could not excape the throws of peers in the RL and due to a overload of time-suckers I was eaten alive by the people in my RL demanding my time and attention so much so that I did not have time to play and was lost... lost to the windings of real life realities... numbafied and dismembered into nothingness like the ---

still I have returned and shall ... level up ,,, mmmm yes level up and up to get back to the game..

luck has it I did not loose my kubrow 000 but I should have .. he was MAD at me and as such I had to dna thing up him for he was unwell... sick sickum was sick :(

images of the ingame stuff here... :) with my return. --------------------

Warframe0247 xik4

the void wave battles


wave in void ex

these are from a void mission with my clan... :)

bad guy monster...

the third image I am dieing errr bleeding out 000  ----

I have so much to read and understand ,,, Just have no idea where to start off I guess playing is the best way.. ?

so back into the rift ---

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