• Xkirinx


    idea 1: browser foundry system

    idea 2: dual polarity mod

    erm kindly leave your feedback in forums if you want since I'm more active there haha

    sorry if I sound rude

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  • Xkirinx

    I'm sorry if I sound rude but we seriously need to limit the number of editors here

    it isn't interesting or funny to go around changing the information

    we are not amused, nobody is. If you want amusement, go to an amusement park or ram a car into a tree while you're at it and die seriously, wikia contributors are working their asses of to help this wikia while you jokers mess up the information

    prova vandal is yet to be out

    sure we can assume its electrical type damage, but I don't need useless information outside that 

    I know there is already another post with regards to recent wikia vandals but I'm re-empathising it

    I love warframe and I do not wish to see a misleading wikia page that may cause people to hate the game, please try to understand…

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  • Xkirinx

    well Darthmufin has been trying to find help with the recplacement pictures for the mods

    so I'm doing the same except that this time its for the Prime class weapons and I will not be able to constantly check

    image size requirements well I'll leave it to your own judgements

    as for replacing the older versions of the weapons in foundry pictures, well not so sure about that but we could keep a version of the new and old ones for memory sake XD

    sorry for being rude

    those that require images at the moment will be in "priority"

    Dakra Prime

    Latron Prime

    Bronco Prime

    Fang Prime

    Paris Prime

    Those that you guys may or may not want to update would be

    Reaper Prime

    Braton Prime

    Frost: Prime

    and image that needs to be fixed abit would be

    Orthos Prime

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